New carcass album!

I can't wait to get a hold of this album. its only like $13 on amazon, so ill probably get it there ASAP. (i like have legit CDs. not into the whole $ for mp3 thing UNLESS there is no tangible version) 


I have heard a few songs off of it, and sweet lord...... the songs ive listened too were BRUTAL. take a listen.. i just love it.



I like the new Carcass CD. Its really clean and its good progression for the band.

ive only heard 2 songs.... i don't want to spoil anything till i get it lol (i prefer owning actual cds. i have a modest little collection)

New album is really great, almost died of shock when I heard an acoustic guitar on the last song. Gonna be seeing them live with Amon Amarth soonish.

i am just like this donut right now. So jelly.


UPDATE: just got the album (deluxe version with bonus track) it is EPIC!


lol, Hell yeah. i just ripped it to the pc, about to transfer it over to my tablet. looks like ill be listening to Carcass on the way to San Francisco today :P