New build

hi guys, 


I already purchased the following: 




MSI 970 Gaming MB

4 hard drives *2tb + 1tb + 500gb + 1tb

1 ssd

Hyper 212


the cpu will be OCed to 4.4/4.5ghz depending on my chance of binning


I believe a 750W PSU is not enough for this config right? 300W for the GPU and 300w minimum to 4.5ghz fx 6300. plus all the hard drives. What PSU should I get? I don't have many options. But I could get the Silent Pro Gold 800W, would this be enough? or should I go for 850 or even 1000?


Thanks in advance. 

i'd say the highest wattage (and quality) one that fits in your budget, getting a higher 80+ rating may also help if you're a bit green, or want less power supply heat.