New build

So I'm going to be building a new pc for my parents so yeah, The budget is around 800$. Here are the parts that I'm thinking about [Yeah, I know that I didn't include an OS, I have one already]

Any body have any better recommendations or is this about it?

Thanks for the help ~

Are your parents going to be gaming? Because otherwise the 270x is probably overkill and you could use that money to get a better processor or more ram.

Strangely enough my mom actually does enjoy skyrim and a few other games i figure the 270x should be able to max those and have a few mods.

Cheaper and higher clocked RAM.

R9 270.  It's the same GPU as the 270X, but at a lower clock speed.  OC it to the 270X's normal clock speeds and you should get exactly the same performance.

Overkill power supply.  I've picked a semi modular one of much higher quality.

I agree you don't need the 750 watt power supply, the 270 is a great card, I own it myself and it runs Skyrim fine, and yea you can get cheaper, higher speed RAM.  

Thanks guys. All of this has been taken into consideration and I will probably order the parts this week.

Thanks again :D