New Build

Hey guys,


This is a template I have designed tonight, and was wondering what you guys thought about it. Not too much overclocking will happen, and it falls just into the price range I was looking for. What are your thoughts on it?


I already have the 2TB drive, and I also have a slot load blu ray drive that I salvaged from an old HP touchsmart that broke. And as expected I already have the copy of windows. Does everything else look nice?

What psu are you using?  Everything else looks pretty good, but for god's sake spend at least $100 on a decent psu.  I don't want to hear a horror story about how you fried your motherboard and everything else because a cheap $30 psu malfunctioned.

the case comes with a built in 500W 80+ gold on it

The EVGA Hadrons have pretty damn good PSUs in there.

Oh right.  Lol.  Didn't notice that when I was skimming the page.
Can't say I know anyone who has used one, but if they have a good rep I say go for it.

Good luck on the build.  =)

I am actually excited about the build. I was looking into a 3 monitor setup, but then went well shit I could just build a small form factor machine for the same price.