New build

Hopefully you guys know a little bit more about this than I do, because I've never heard anyone talking about it... ever. Could just be me though.

Looking forward to making a new pc, but rather than a standard rig with a cpu, gpu, I was thinking about getting a multi APU board, can't seem to find one on my travels yet but I have a couple of questions about it.

For starters could 2 or 4 apu chips work together on a single board, or would multiple chips even work as well as a single cpu with multi video cards?

The clock speed of some of AMD's new apu's would get 2,400hz combined gpu clock with 4 of them (without overclocking; 2-3x good vid cards but way cheaper).

thanks in advance if you can give me any tips.

There isn't even a single multisocket FM2 board in the world. Also, why in gods name would you want to crossfire multiple APU's and not just buy a far superior single GPU...?

Curiosity, but the cost of a multi socket mobo (from what I can find) in the first place doesn't warrant the saving of just getting a better cpu/ gpu... ah well when processors stop getting smaller we'll all be using multi socket boards at some point anyway.