New build

So I'm halfway through my build. I'm building the mid grade build that Logan recommends for the UK. I've ordered all major components other than my GPU and I've ended up losing my job. I'm only 17 so no other income... Sucks that I can't complete my build and most likely wont be able to for A good few month. Any suggestions? I'm gointo job searching immediately 

If you feel confident in your PC building abilites, then try to get a job at a local PC shop, or even an apprenticeship there. Or if there are any ICT based businesses near by, try get an apprenticeship there..Anything that could bring money.


On the build part of this, well. Try and scavange parts from old Pc's if you can, anything to keep you gaming and your morale up.

I don't have any older pc parts, I'm returning to pc gaming after console has screwed me. Morale is at an all time low anyways. I actually a full time student so my options are slim. I was working in a night club and it was good for me but all goods things come to an end