New build

I finally got around to building my new HTPC. The one I am replacing is a 6600K, 8gb ram, Ubuntu OS.
The only itx boards Micro Center had was a MSI Gaming Wifi. Its not a bad board, but found out the hard way it has no Linux support.
So I had an Asus B450 itx board I pulled off another project with a 2700X and EVGA 1070 FTW, 16gb 3200 ram, WD 250gb m.2 drive. I had been playing with Plain arch and Arco in VMs. Since I wanted something other than Ubuntu again and it was 3am, I installed Arco Linux. I know its an overkill build for an HTPC, but I mounted my media server and plays great. Also watch allot of Anime and YouTube. It is nice to know I could game on it if I wanted. A few months back, Micro Center had a sale on an Acer 43 in 4K monitor which I was more than happy to get since it had a rock bottom price on it. I would like to connect a game server to it once I actually get around to rebuilding my server or adding one. If you know any good tutorials , plz pass it on to me . Thanx in advance.

Can you elaborate on what you mean as a Game Server? What game? Not sure what you are getting at here.

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