New Build With SSD issues, please help?

Hi all,

I was asked by a friend to build them a pc.


they ordered the parts and the build went well.


he wanted and ssd for boot and 2TB for everything else.

he got a 32gb ssd which rapidly ran out of space. i know you can change directory of some programs during installation, but things like chrome and windows programs i cant. 

how do i get it to stop using the ssd for things other than windows.


its running windows 7.


thanks in advance for help.

You can try and use that, basically it just points windows to your storage drive rather than the SSD when loading an application.

After the .zip file is downloaded, extract "junction.exe" in to system32 (C:\Windows\System32).
Once that is done, open up a console window by pressing the Windows Key + R, and then typing in "cmd.exe".

You should now see a black terminal awaiting your input. This command is how it works. 
junction.exe <name_of_file_or_folder> <the_location_you_want_to_point_to 

So type this in to the console, with quotation marks included. 

junction.exe "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome" "D:\YOUR\DIRECTORY\HERE\Chrome"

been along time since i used it but im sure theres guides around.

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With really small ssd's like that its often better to go with using it just as a cache. If his boards an Intel - and supports SRT id be switching to that.

Above post works as well though.

how do i set it up as a cache?

SRT works really well. Frequently used files are cached - ie os, maybe a game, certain apps etc. 

OK, thanks for the help, i'll try it. 


fingers crossed.