New Build (Upgrade) Questions

So I am aware asking this as a first post may seem like troll BS but it honestly isn't I just found that reading posts here the bias against AMD is not as bad as it seems elsewhere so I wanted to ask for some input form that type of group.

Background is I always had AMD cpus and gpus until recently that last system I had that I was really happy with was a Phenom II X4 955BE on an ASUS Sabertooth and dual 4870X2 I had someone I knew offer me a really good price for it and I took as I was looking to try a 2500k build. So I sold it and put together a 2500k ASUS Z68 with dual HD6970s system worked great then I had 1 GPU die on me last fall. So I decided to upgrade my gpu and sell off the other working 6970 while doing so I had someone offer to buy my whole existing system with just the single gpu for a really good price, so I sold it.

Now the start of the piss off part I built this Present Build (note it actually has the old TX950 psu not the 750). With that build I really like the GPU performance but the mobo is a little disappointing and the cpu is horrible (I lost the silicon lottery) I am not able to get any performance out of that damn processor. With that my wife now wants me to put the A4 APU media box I have in my den on the living room TV for her to use, that and the fact I have the money to spend on some upgrades I am trying to choose between 2 different plans.

Option 1 > stick with intel and buy the parts to up grade my main system (mostly used for gaming and some 3D CAD work) and put together a new media box that will also be something more of a home media server. Those 2 builds would be as follows; Main Rig Intel Build / Media Server Intel Build With this route I can just make use of what I have and re-roll the silicon dice on the info I keep hearing that the 4790ks are much more consistent and I will actually be able to get some performance out of it. The existing i5 stuff does work ok at stock speeds so for a box that will really just be used for downloading, streaming stored content to 1-2 other systems on my in home network and online streaming to the TV used as a monitor for that system it should work ok.

Option 2 > Sell off my existing system as is and switch back to all AMD for both builds and put together these; Main Rig AMD Build / Media Server AMD Build  on these the difference in the cases from intel to AMD is strickly due to locating the systems in my rec room and the ROG mobo for the APU is partly to ensure I get the most out of it as possible and also to get the fastest network and storage connections.

Lastly in case anyone wants to say it the idea of keeping the 780 on an AMD cpu just seems wrong and I know that is  pretty fan boyish but still not willing to do it and I need a gpu with the existing rig to sell it.

 As for budget I am looking at 1500 to 2k overall and I think I should be able to get enough selling my existing system to make the AMD budget work with the sales revenue. Also I live on the east coast of Canada so cdn$ and retailers and all online retailers as there is absolutely nothing local. As for OS I already own 2 copies of W-8.1 and with the 30$ price for OEM keys on G2A that is the plan for OS as of now, but I may look into Linux and XBMC after but my software skills are not the best and my only linux experience is with Mint and Ubuntu.

Holy wall of text.

What have you tried to do with the i5-3570k?  I've got mine up to 4-4.2ghz with no trouble(didn't really try, tbh).

A GTX 780 with a half-decent AMD CPU would actually be a decent gamer, as most games are more GPU-bound than CPU-bound.

i7-4790Ks are very powerful, but keep in mind that haswell still has it's limits.  Don't expect sandy-bridge overclocks.  An i7 won't do much for gaming, but should help in complex CAD models.  I don't like the FX-9590 due to it's crazy heat output, and the fact that it's a super highly binned FX-8350.

I'm unsure of your budget, but it seems like it's around/under $2k.  Here's something that I'd consider:

Main Rig:

  • Got an i7-4790k & nice Z97 motherboard.
  • Define R4 - Silence optimized case.  I don't really like the Air 540's size, layout, and looks, but that's me
  • ~$574.  This should be a very strong computer and plenty for your usage.

Media Server:

  • I'm unsure of what you'll be using to stream over your network, so take this build loosely
  • Any drive over 2TB drops of significantly in terms of reliability.


+1 good recs

Thanks for the response and sorry about the wall of text lol.

Really just looking for input due to my wanting to go to an 8 core AMD for my media server but sick of this dud of an i5 for my main rig. I mean the mobo auto OC function gets it to 4ghz but I have not been able to get a stable OC any higher even manually adjusting everything. But I am not 100% sure if it is the motherboard or the CPU that is truly the cause.

Big reason I am saying the 4790k for the upgrade over the 4690k (even though an i5 is really all I need) is everything I have read Intel is doing something to ensure the 4790ks are less likely to be OCing duds and it is only $100 more.

And to the streaming question it is never going to be anything more than my wife streaming stuff to the HTPC upstairs, as I would be using the server itself hooked to my TV as a monitor. And I will keep the 2TB reliability thing in mind I have a stack of 1TB WD Blacks now and will just add to them.


The i7-4790k and i5-4690k have the same improvements over the previous haswell chips, the i7-4770k and i5-4670k.(goes from i7-4770k -> i7-4790k, not i5-4690k to i7-4790k)  They have better thermal interface which allows for better thermal conduction so that the chip can be cooled better.  Of course, overclocking depends on what is so called the "silicon lottery", as well as how well it works with the motherboard and the capacity of cooling that your cooler has.