New Build, Suggestions?

I finally got a job and will slowly buy these parts and build up to my ultimate rig, sugestions?

Now with the SSDs I use a lot of big programs so the two 120GB will be put in a raid 0 then the other 100GB is the only 100GB that allows caheing and thats what i will use it for. As for the CPU I will not buy that untill the new intel line comes out and get one of those. As for the people who say you don't need more than 8GB RAM they are wrong becasue I have offten run into the problem of not having enough. I will have at least 3 screens also I multitask a ton. As for the uses of the system I will do a lot of big photoshop and rendering projects as well as gaming and quite a bit of emulating. I also will overclock the CPU.

Hmm, dropping quite a bit of coin I see. Hopefully you understand that the amount you spend on a PC does naturally have a price vs performance slope and you are really edging on the line of severly diminishing returns. With that said I'll skim over the components.

 Case - Case is cool and has a good set of features, never heard anything bad about it, so seems good to me.

Mobo - This is at the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of features and functionality. You are gonna want to put some serious time into tweaking and OCing to make this purchase worth while. This is enthusiest to the max, and if your not an enthusiest than your wasting your money.

GPU - heh, sure why not. You better be using eyefinity over your 3 screens or you'll never really make good use of this.

PSU - This is honestly a gross waste of money. You don't need anywhere near this much power. IF you were doing TRI-SLI or something I could see this, but you've got a single card config, so this is complete overkill. You could sit safely with an 800W PSU and have more than enough power. Maybe go with PC Power & Cooling.

CPU - Jumping to the idea that you'll buy the next chip without knowing its price point or performance is kinda foolish, but w/e, I'll skip this.

RAM - Get as much ram at w/e speeds you want, as stated above, diminishing returns. Also I've never really seen GeIL as a great brand but I could be wrong there.

HDD - Again, dimishing returns. Also heard RAID 0 on SDDs have a number of issues.

Keyboard - Thats not a very good keyboard. If you're going to spend the money, get yourself a nice mechanical keyboard. Can get a Das Keyboard, Steelseries 7G, or other brands, all good. I prefer the black switches due to my typing style, but you should do a little research into finding what fits your style. Real men use mechanical keyboards.

Mouse - I've heard of some people complain that the RAT 7 has some tracking issues, but outside of that, a great mouse.

Headsets - Corsair does not make good headsets generally, not sure about this pair in particular, but if your gonna spend the money you might want to look for more entry level audiophile headphones and a stand/clip microphone.

ODD - w/e

Cooler - The feux liquid cooling systems are not that stunning. If you want the best, I've seen many people gravitate towards the highest end Noctua coolers.

Thanks for the input as for the PSU i figure why not move up some watts just in case its only a bit more

If you want to spend that a bit more wisely, one thing you should consider is the 80 bronze/silver/gold/plat ratings, a more efficient PSU will generally serve you longer and keep your hydro bill down. Also, before you buy, its generally a good idea to look up some professional reviews, they delve quite deep into the quality of the components, how much noise they produce, etc.

I will, thanks.

I can confirm this, also it fells terrible, I'd go with a razer mouse, I'm quite happy with my imperator