New build, stuck with some existing compenents looking for advice before I blow any more money :)

Vega 56? If so you’ll be power limited. If its 64 you may also be power limited, but 56… DEFINITELY. Even reference vega 56 with the shitty blower cooler is power limited.

its a 64 STRIX … only needs an extra 20W for mining verus hash to stay in the highest powerstate… not sure under games, haven’t checked. as I don’t have my nvme’s yet (out of stock it seems) I’m just using a manjaro install as a test bed for the vega first, to work out max settings. Like I had to use windows to max out the CPU when I got that.

Mining seems to use a lot less power than gaming in my experience.

I could have my vega 64s sitting on 165 watts each without too much tuning (basically just set power save mode) for pretty much (within 2-5%) max hash rate on ether.

Gaming, they’ll blow out to 1.5-2x that (or more, if you’re willing to feed them the power and can cool them).

Just been playing around with my twin 8TB WD reds.
There is no LINUX DRIVER for the AMD built in RAID ?
It seems I found a driver for the x370 RAID, but I couldn’t get it working, and before wasting any more time on it, have decided to just use ZFS for my storage array. :slight_smile:

This brings me to another issue, I have ordered 2x1TB NvME drives to RAID0 but this means that I cant hardware raid them in the BIOS due to there being no linux drivers? Or do they work differently? The bios option in my X470 board is different, you can RAID enable nvme, without changing to RAID mode, from AHCI. Dont yet have the nvme’s and there is still no ETA despite the store I purchased from saying they had stock last week :frowning:

Motherboard RAID is generally “soft-raid” anyway (i.e., there’s no real hardware to do the work - 99% of the work is kicked off to the OS driver). This isn’t a bad thing, modern CPUs are plenty fast enough to do it in software.

Just use linux software raid or ZFS.

Additional benefit of doing purely software raid is you can port it between hardware platforms more easily (e.g., if you were to pop those drives into an intel box down the track or whatever).

Yeah ZFS seems the go… My nvme’s still out of stock, so might be best to just get a single larger/faster drive instead and cancel order lol