New Build shuts off when playing BF4 but not games like league of legends

My new computer suddenly makes a faster piercing noise like its the fan even though I dont think its overheating, when I load bf4 and then it turns off thats it. Then I try and turn it on and it wont turn on when I click the power button I have to wait like 5 minutes. The computer doesnt overheat I'm watching the temps 55C when playing. Could it be my power supply? I have had heat issues for a while with my 4770k but its good now. Also I can play league of legends without this happening or any non FPS game. ex: League, Minecraft etc.


CPU: i7 4770k Have had problems with heat before


PSU: Thermaltake 600W 

SSD: 64GB Sandisk

Mobo: Gigabyte Mobo

RAM: Corsair Vengance 8gb

What CPU Cooler are you using?

I don't think League is as CPU intensive as BF4, it kinda sounds like you may be having a major heat spike on the CPU but it would most likely throttle before it just shut down completely like that.

Why would it be doing this I already have exchanged once for another 4770k bc the other one was though to be defective. I have a noctua CPU fan and 2 case fans on being a cougar fan

is your system getting all the power it needs.

and all power connectors connected?

also what motherboard are you using?

Have you stress tested the computer before?

BF4 is beta...

do you have thermal paste between your cpu and cpu cooler?

yes, Gigabyte Mobo, and yes reply to DoomedWalker

i know Gigabyte but any other info on the board and it could be like the other guy said the game is beta that might have something to do with it.

The mobo is a gigabtye b75m I think

gigabyte b75m-d3h that's the mobo doomedwalker