New Build ***Not working***

The computer I built a month ago cut off while playing BF4. It cut off completely and wont cut on and it doesnt show any sign of power. Also I made sure everything was plugged in correctly. Here's the build: ( if I left out info you need to know just let me know )

What power supply do you have?

XFX 550

Try turning on only the PSU with like the graphics hooked up to it to see if your PSU is still good it may be either a motherboard issue or a PSU issue not sure which though.

I was  reading in the manual for the psu and it talks about a pull system I think and by that it won't turn on unless it's hooked up to the motherboard and it said if the motherboard isn't working properly the psu won't turn on so it kinda made me think it's the motherboard

To turn in on without the motherboard you hook the green wire to a black wire on the 24 pin connector, and if it says that then it may be your motherboard, testing the motherboard was just to make sure which one it was.

I would either think your motherboard died or your PSU died.

I'm leaning towards the motherboard as Seasonic PSUs rarely die.  And that XFX PSU comes from Seasonic.