[New] build,need opinions and suggestions

New Build : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/19jdt

Old Build : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/18k4k

After a lot of thought i realized i dont need everything that was in the old build. I probably will start streaming/recording and some video editing.

I didnt need a case that kept everything nice and quiet since i was going to add almost the maximum amount of fans to the case.

I dont need 16gb ram but i will upgrade by adding 8gb more of ram later.

A Radeon 7970 is amazing from what i have seen so i definitely dont need a GTX 770.



IMHO ditch the seagate hdd and grab a hitachi or wd black.

Grab a bigger monitor with a higher res to appreciate the grunt of the 7970.

Rest looks fine though.

Whats wrong with seagate? 

when im going to upgrade my computer later i was going to add another monitor.

Just that seagate dont have the best track record for reliability on their cheaper hdds.

Muliti-monitor, ftw  :-)  grab 2 more and enjoy eyefinity.