New build need help

hi, here is my build minus the gpu

first question will this computer run without a gpu 

as in can i put it all together and use it

second question when i buy the gpu can i just pop it in and start the pc and have it reconize it 

third question if i bought an ssd intead of an hdd and installed the os and what not on that. could i at a later date buy a hdd and just plug it in as storage or do i need to like put it in raid or something?

1. Yes, it will run without a GPU. You won't be able to do any serious amount of gaming on it.

2. It can be a simple as putting the GPU in and then having a cable out of the GPU to your monitor. I hear of few cases that report driver issues, it is always best to download the latest drivers.

3. Simply, yes. You can add as many storage devices as you desire, as long as your motherboard has enough headers (connections) for each.

I'd recommend waiting for the new i5, it is due to launch in less than two weeks. It won't be priced much more than current generation i5 (3570k), or the previous generation i5 (2500k).

thanks. ins the connection from the gpu to the monitor normal because i had planned on using my tv. and thanks for the heads up on the cpu. i was waiting on the gpu becuase of the new nvidia release? i think. i hadnt planned on gaming without tyhe gpu since im new to the pc gaming world. really have no games in mind.

Any of the current GPUs will be great for gaming at 720p or 1080p. I'd imagine your tv isn't any bigger than that. And yes, TVs share the same connections as a typical monitor. You will just need a HDMI lead. There are some new Nvidia cards coming out, but they might be a bit pricey for your needs. Be sure to check out "benchmark" results to find the best price/performance components.

Welcome to the PC master race. Just a quick heads up; download "Steam". Think of it like a webstore. It is also a community hub. You will get a lot of game deals on there, some are free to play, so go try it out. We get almost the entire console library of games, bar a couple of Playstation exclusives, plus a whole load of PC exclusive games.

i was planning on the radeon 7950 and hoping for a price drop on it and as far as the welcome goes,thank you kind sir 

7950 is a great card, I think it comes with 3 free AAA games, at the minute. In a lot of games the 7950 is only a few frames slower than the 7970, the 7970 costs a lot more. The 670 is also a great buy, more so than the 680, in my opinion.

have a random question my lapton has the same os im ordering. aslos with the key. can i use the key from my laptop and just download the os?

1 license is good for 1 use. Unless you bought a 3-pack?

Just buy an OEM copy, it costs less than retail. However, the "OEM" (original electronics manufacturer) license is tied to your motherboard, so you won't be able to upgrade your motherboard without losing the OS. You can retain the OS if the mobo is faulty, you just need to call Microsoft, doesn't take long. Some people manage to scam them for a new license that way. I prefer OEM, if you pick your parts correctly, there should be no need for a new motherboard for 3-5 years. Microsoft don't have issues with consumers using OEM copies, especially if you have built the system yourself.

If they had issues with us using the OEM copies, I'm sure a lot of us would be in trouble. No point in spending more on the retail copy.

If we didn't have OEM copies, we'd probably get in trouble for torrenting them. OEM strikes me as a much more reasonable price. Not just because it is cheaper, it just seems fair.