New build *need help*

Hey guys, I made a new build and I'm still debating on what video card to get. One in the 100$ - 200$ price range that is a Radeon card.

PC Specs:

Cpu - AMD A10-5800k

Motherboard - Gigabyte ga-f2a85x-up4

RAM- Patriot Viper 3 @ 1866 Mhz (Intel Extreme Masters Edition)

Powersupply - CoolerMaster Power Plus 600w

Could you guys try to help me with a video card, I was think either 6870 or 7850 1 gb edition.

EDIT: Brain fart on my part, Rinzler did the job.

Don't buy the A10 if you're not going to use the intergrated graphics. I'd rather buy something like the 6300. That way the system will perform better and you'll have a lot more upgrading options in the future.

I'll try to put together a system. Could you tell me what your budget is?

Also what are you going to use the computer for? Is it only gaming or are you going to record your gaming sessions? If so it would probably be a better idea to go with a Nvidia GPU, reason being that the CUDA cores help a lot in editing and rendering.

Here's a suggestion. If you tell me your budget that would help though. :)