New Build max compatibility LG/VFIO/IOMMU/Passthrough

Threadripper TRX40 board (Gigabyte Designare) is basically fixed. What are GPU recommendations?I want to get a new one once prices settle a bit. Using my “old” RTX 2060 meanwhile. AMD or NVidia with Linux, VFIO/IOMMU/LG/passthrough being the only concerns? I can figure out performance specs and prices for my apps myself, but I lack the day-to-day linux experience as an “OS migrant” who is decided on banning Win into a VM once and for all while returning to his college sweetheart Linux.

Oh and I’m probably settling for either Ubuntu/Pop OS or Arch/Garuda…TBD

And thank you gnif for all the work you’ve done. I hope I can finally use your creation soon, which is better than just see it on videos and getting nerd boners :slight_smile:

The RTX2060 would do fine as a Guest GPU, really depends on your requirements.

As much as I hate to say it, avoid AMD GPUs for the guest, while the 6000 series GPUs reset now, they are still not what I could consider stable for such use.

For the host GPU, anything will do really, again depends on your requirements.

Please not Ubuntu… I love Debian myself, but i’d sooner go to Arch then use Ubuntu ever again.


In general, AMD is a better experience on Linux (host) these days, but it depends. Newer (less than 12 months) AMD cards require bleeding edge kernels and Mesa, which may or may not be what you want.

Unfortunately market is pretty much sold out for cheap AMD cards for now, the cheapest new ones cost $379 and I cannot recommend RX 550 at all, these days. 5500 XT, perhaps, but everything below 6x00 is pretty much discontinued these days.

So, go with whatever you can, if you can find a weaker used AMD card go for it, Nvidia is fine for host too (not the best experience but 90% is close enough I guess).

For guest, Nvidia is still recommended, just go with the best within your budget. Remember that LG has a small performance hit, other than that knock yourself out. For the guest it’s all about how much pixels you need to feed to your screen(s).