New build log - advice is greatly appreciated

Starting a new build for the upcoming year. My partner is taking most of my old rig, and i'm switching from an AMD based system (Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 with an FX 8120) to an Intel based system (Asus Maximus VI hero). I haven't picked a processor yet, but considering that the new 4790's should be out soon, if not already, that's the plan. 

My budget is 1k (max), and I don't care if the parts are new or used, as long as they are of quality and reliable. I live in the USA, and I already have peripherals (Monitor, keyboard, mouse, 5.1 surround setup...) This is primarily a gaming system, with basic necessities for college built in. I have never done any rendering, but I am interested in making Youtube videos. This PC also acts to stream media to my gbit home network server. I plan on taking the 3TB out and possibly setting up a NAS, or setting up some type of network shared storage between all my computers.... i dont know if this is the same thing as a NAS is completely new to me. I don't need an OS, as i already have a copy of Windows 8.1 Pro.

For gaming, I play at 1080, as it i what my monitor can handle, and I don't plan on upgrading my monitor until im ready and 4K is affordable. Also as far as settings, i want eye candy! So, i'm a gamer, but i am also a college student. Mostly, I play WoW, but I also play some FPS games like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, and LoL.

Below is the build specs i'm considering and what I already have. 

Case - Cooler Master Storm Trooper ( Modded - Already Owned) Might consider a 900D if I can fond a good deal.

Asus Maximus VI Hero (Already Purchased)

Intel I7 4790K

Asus GTX 780 (I don't think i can afford a Ti - I like to eat too!)

8GB Kingston Hyper X Beast 2400Mhz DDR3 (Already Purchased)

Thermaltake S.M.A.R.T. 850W 80 plus bronze PSU (Already Owned) 

128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (Already Owned) Would be wonderful if i didn't have to do a fresh install, but i have heard that i will need to because the operating system will not like the switch from AMD to Intel.

3TB WD Green (Already Owned)

3 - 240mm rads ( 2 - XSPC RS240 1 - XSPC RX240) with Corsair SP120 High Performance edition fans.

XSPC Raystorm Waterblock

Primochill White Tubing ( 10mm ID x 13mm OD - 3/8 x 5/8)

XSPC Rasa Pump/Res Combo (Already Own - I want to add a 250mm tube res before it for more capacity) 

Any recommendation as to a water-cooled graphics card or suggestions for the loop would be greatly appreciated. I have done liquid cooling before, but only the cpu. I also have a D5 if you guys think the rasa will be too small to run the loop. My goal here is a moderate overclock with tolerable noise levels. The Corsair fans are good, and I have used them for some time now. They don't put out too much noise, and they seem to do a good job with cooling the rads. 

Thanks for checking out my build log, and thanks in advance for the advice! Pictures to follow below...

The Inspiration...






The old Build...


New Sata Cables to match the theme...


Working on the new build..


Fill port...  


Removed HDD cages for third 240mm Rad...


Feeling like im finally making some progress..


More to come later!


having trouble with the images loading.... Pics are uploaded via tinypic...