New build ideas and help

ok so i am getting bored and a way i know to fix that would be to build myself a new computer, my current computer is only few months old (i built it in june with graduation money :P ). the reasons i want to build a new computer is that i am bored as i stated before and partailly im tired of seeing my brother (who is sometimes a bigger gamer than me) playing on a 400 dollars computer he got at walmart. now i am planning on building my new computer during either a christmas or new year sale that newegg usually does every year. until then my budget stands at $1500 so build a computer with that for now.

i want the price to also include a copy of windows 7 home 64bit, i would kinda like to use a single powerful gpu, but to save some money i do already have a radeon 6850 from my current build and i can crossfire them, 

however if u do use the crossfire method i will want to get a budget gpu to throw in the system before giving it to my brother as a "new" computer for him to play games on. and if u go with the new gpu all together i will just give him my current computer as is (which can play crysis 2 on extreme) 

probly another thing that is pushing me to getting a new computer is that crysis 3 is coming out in the near future. so i want to be able to play that with all or most of the eye candy on

i would like to see the fx-8150 as the cpu but if u want to suggest another cpu ill look at it

i would also like to use a full tower case, and a SSD which is above 250 gigs as the main drive



probly somethign i should mention, my current monitor situation is 2 1920x1080p monitors (i dont run them in eyefinity but i may in the future) and also i may soon be adding a 1080p tv to my room which i may also hook to my computer for watching videos and the occasional gameplay


most likely i wont be running eyefinity for a while so make the system able to play for a single 1080p monitor, the reason im not running eyefinity is that three monitors would aliegn well on my desk plus i like the extra room with out a third monitor


i keep remebering things to add srry

i would like to use an aftermarket cooler maybe an h80 or a h100, not completly decided yet

oh you know I was going to comment on this haha, one kickass rig coming up

lol u know i actually was expecting u to pop up here at some point









1499 after promo codes

7xxx cards are going to go down in price, by the time you buy this a 7970 should be in budget, until then I put the fastest 7950 in its place

this site says you'll need 400w OCed to 4.5Ghz and with a 7950 so 630w 80+ should do just fine

8150 vs. 2500K (I put a 3570K but its similar enough, just slightly faster)

looks good to me so far, just need to start saving up the money for when i build it in december, in which case there should be quite a few deals going on and ill probly be able to get an even better system