New build, I may have gone crazy

So I am working on my first thematic watercooling build for my next pc and in order to justify upgrading from a 3770k I have to make it ridiculous otherwise it's not worth doing! So I may have gone a little crazy in picking my parts and other things but definitely would like input.

The build is going to be a black/white/blue colour theme, please give inputs on colours as I am having the most trouble visualizing how this is going to contrast since there are so few nice white case builds xD

Case: Phanteks enthoo primo white
Motherboard; Asrock extreme 4 z97 motherboard

CPU: 4790k of course

GPU: 2x GTX 970 not sure what brand yet whatever gets a full cover block first I guess

PSU: 750w evga supernova modular 80+ gold 

SDD: 2x512GB Corsair M550 SSD in raid 0

HDD: 1x 6tb WD green

RAM: 16gb ddr3 1866 kingston hyperx fury

Not sure if I should mix and match colours like white & blue but I REALLY like the white heatspreaders on the fury ram 


GPU: No idea what blocks yet depends on what 970's I get...

Pump & ResMonsoon Series Two Premium D5 (white of course)

CPU: Koolance cpu 380i

Rads: 280mm rad for bottom & 480mm rad for top

Fans: 6 sp 120's for rads and 5 af140s for the case

Tubing: primochill rigid tubing - no idea on colour or if i should go clear and just change the colour to whatever I want later....also going to need like 24-30ft of it I think since I am new to rigid tubing.

Fittings - I think I need like 16 or 18? primochill rigid fittings nickel - I think they are compression fittings

Koolance flow sensor

Koolance drain switch

some white LEDS maybe

I threw together a sheet on google docs

so I could track costs and which parts I wanted, easier for viewing if you like. I appreciate any feedback on the build ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE COLOURS, so let me know! :D

If just the motherboard is blue I personally don't think it's going to look all that great. Having said that, I believe MSI just came out with a black and white Z97 motherboard? Krait edition or something like that?

yeah sadly not easy to get in my area, also the motherboard is really lacking on some stuff sadly otherwise I thought the krait looked great. 

I could always just paint over the blue and do white but I figured a mix of blue in and about the case would actually be quite nice, I havent settled on the colours yet of course but I was also thinking of mixing some hyperx fury ram with a white and blue so 4x4 and just do white blue white blue and either have the tubing or liquid blue or some other way to bring out the blue in the motherboard. 

definitely still need comments on this build guys D: 

To check if the gpu's you choose have support for a fullcover block >> , may be a while yet before other brands release blocks for em.

Not a fan of that psu - (multi rail) but it will be fine for a sli 970 rig.

Plan long and hard your loop setup. Expect to spend more money than you think you will.