New Build Hopefully FINAL

Here is my latest build, Let me know if what you think of it and if you see any issues let me know.

Grab an asrock extreme 3 or 4 board. A H80, with noctua NF-f12 fans. Maybe a 600w PSU, unless you want to really overclock, and if you can grab a 7970. Those cards rock. If you don't really overclock much, I say grab a the Xigmatek Dark Knight 2, a extreme3 MOBO, and a corsair CX600, and a 7970. Make sure to grab a Ghz edition of the 7970 to. Never get anything else. 

Keep in mind, the sabertooth motherboards are for power users who are going to go for massive overclocks on custom watercooling looks, and want to watch the temps of every part of their systems. They are otherwise just too "loaded" for your average gamer. Save some money and grab a better GPU when you can.

I was wanting to grab the board for future potential. What I mean i this is about a 1000$ build and I plan on it being almost a 2000$ build by 2014. So I figure if I get a good motherboard now that will handle some power putting in upgrades should not be an issue.

Have you looked into getting the ROG Motherboard? 

Never heard of it.

ROG is ASUS's best of the best. If you want the best, ROG is why way to go. 

I would say thats a little more than I am wanting to spend.

Double Agent is right ROG is the best when it comes to performance, features and total design quality. That noted based on your intial plans i think you could actually consider the mainstream series M5A99FX PRO R2.0 or the M5A99X EVO R2.0. Both would still have outstanding features, OC Scaling and overall quality of components. The TUF would provide even better fan control functionality ( although the M5A series is already better than any other AM3+ board on the market ) along with the advanced thermal monitoring and of course the 5 year warranty. 


As you are getting most of your items for Egg or Amazon i would also go with the ASUS DRW-24B1ST save yourself on a more complex order with more shipping considerations. Plus have a slightly faster drive.


I would also reconsider on the 2133 memory we have done extensive testing to ensure our boards are capable of 2133 but the IMC ( memory controller ) varies on AMD CPUs with some only doing 1866 especially with higher densities modules. I would say you should be ok but if you want to be safe either go for 1600 or 1866 where you will have a higher degree of assurance. Also keep in mind you are buying XMP based memory which is validated on the Intel platform and CPU / IMC. We do offer a XMP profile reading option on ASUS boards to make it easy to load that profile but if you want a more optimal design choice consider patriots AMP memory which are specifically validated and tuned for AMD based CPUs. With that noted your memory choice is solid and I would not expect any issues.

As for the GPU 7870 cards are great bang for the buck card allow for really great 1080 experience even with advanced image quality functions. Of course I am partial to ASUS DCII cards the cool and quiet operation with the GPU Tweak software and awesome non reference build quality just is awesome.

Either which way best of luck on the build! Enjoy the rest of your day!

I really appreciate your thoughts on my build plans, I went ahead and ordered the build I am hoping that I won't see any issues. I am wanting to do a lot of gaming on the PC. Some of the compenants might be a little much considering the price I am putting in the build but I am looking to put more money in the machine in the future. I hope when I get to that point you will be able to help me in my selection.

Wait, wait, wait. Was this for gaming?


Go and grab an entry board if you want to game ASAP, or save up for the ROG or a M-powered board. Those boards are worth their weight in gold. Excluding the extras like the maximux v + thuderbolt. Not worth it, but the ROG Maximux V formula is AMAZING!

Oh snap. If you've already bought this, no biggie, but you couldv'e bought a 7970

Yeah but the price difference was over my budget. I could not find one under 300$

Hmmm? You could fit a 7970 into a $750 last time I checked( I suggested one with the AMD Vishera 6-core, 8GB of 1600Mhz ram, 1TB drive and other decent parts), so for $1000, you could definitely fit a 7970, SSD, and other stuff in it.

I will be looking to upgrade in the future, for now I am hoping the build I listed will suffice for gaming. 

Yeah, in the end it's all up to you, The 7870 is a very capable card. It'll max out most( or all) games at 1080p. Plus the 8350 is powerful as well, so MMOs aren't going to be much of a problem. Good luck

I can beat this build, first that coolers over priced for the perf it offers, and despite the sabertooth being a nice board( i have 2 r1's) the asrock 990fx extreme4 is a better enthusist buy

no, it dosnt have an SSD, the ssd would only give quicker boot times, and honestly anybody whos rebooting windows much is kinda fail...

now before somebody jumps on anything.

the cooler will be better then the one he picked(infact it can go toe to toe with the h80 if you use the fans i included in that build) , the PSU is excellent quality, its a superflower build, I have 550/650/730watt kingwins in systems here at home, my main rigs got a pcp&c turbocool, but only because i got a killer deal on it.

the lack of ssd really isnt an issue, the only effect it will have is on boot times once the builds done.

you want to partition the drive out to be 128-160gb for the os drive, the rest for games and downloads, once windows is setup, install FancyCache, give the drive 24gb of cache with a 30-600second delayed write, this will speed windows boot and all apps/games you use regularly will get ram caching, meaning VERY VERY VERY fast, far faster then any ssd on the market.

adding an ssd isnt a bad idea later on, but get at least a 256gb adata 900 series or samsung 840 (hyperx are ok but the adata and samsungs are better, the samsungs are infact enterprise class) .

the yateloon fans are good value, if you want better they have 140mm vipers(this is for top of the case) but they cost a bit more.

all in all this is what I would build on a budget around this range, the 7870xt is the best bang for teh buck period, the coolers plenty to get to 4.5-4.8ghz range on these chips(specially when you stick vipers on both sides!!!) all in all, this is a better build for your money.

also not, this case is alot nicer then that cm case, I have used that cm case....the nzxt destroys it!!!

I already purchased my parts last Wednesday, I did not get the coolermaster case I went with the Corsair 600T Graphite series and it comes stock with two 220MM fans and one 120MM fan, I also did not get an SSD I went with a WD 2T mechanical drive 7200RPM other than that everything else is the same as the parts listed in the link.