New build help

It is indeed the standard nowadays, you can get TB ones for really cheap so for gaming thats the way to go.

Every god damn time
I browse for used pc's
I gonna spend a dime
on all those hdd's

which come with ide
s-c-s-i and sata
and slowly load me up
I'm the serial-hater

and oh please turn to dust
cause ssd's are rulers
I got more spinning rust
then cpu stock coolers

you guys are obsolete
look at your data sheet
you're worthless on the street
and easily get beat
so better take a seat
and all accept defeat
because you can't compete
there is a new elite

My concerns were less about price, but lifetime and noise, but from what I read those issues are also well in the green nowadays - and well, yea I am sorry about that outbreak.

It is very reliable for storage. going for something like a WD red would be good. the price is a bit extra but they are designed for the kind of load of constantly writing to the disk. But really any HD would work.

Sorry for the late response i have considered all you said but take in mind that i live in mexico and fees and taxes can double the price of some thing the parts i chossed are the ones i can get here with the price more balanced

I was planning to make something like this or like this the pump and reservoir is in a 5.2 bay form

Build that is in the op basicly looks sollid to me.
I dont think that a watercooling would realy make much sense if you go with a locked cpu like the 4460.

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