New Build Help

So Im plannig on switching from console gaming on my xbox to pc gaming.

Im looking to spend about $850 for a gaming pc including peripherals

here are two builds ive put together on

any opinions? I plan on overclocking in the future also. - intel 3570k - amd fx-6300

Thanks for the help

You could save some money by not buying a monitor and just using your TV, the extra money could go towards future upgrades.

I would go with the AMD build, seen as the 6300 keeps up pretty well with the i5, yes it's abit behind, but in game, you're not going to notice that difference, And taking into account you plan to overclock, AMD seems like an even better choice seen as an OC'd 6300 is on par with the i5.

would the motherboard be capable of overclocking the amd?

or should i pick a different one

if you gonne use only one video card for now and in the future i preffere to chance youre motherboard and cpu,  cause then you dont need  the 990 fx chipset.

a 970 chipset is about 60/70 dollars cheaper ( Asus m5a97 evo r2.0)  and its enough for  ya needs. the money you saving for that you can buy a better cpu an Fx8320 of  8350 :)

but the 6300 is a good cpu to for gaming :)

o by the way i preffere a 700 W + psu :)