New Build Help Required

Hey guys, I have watched many of the video put out by this site and love your style.  I wanted to put together a rig for gaming/video editing/ 3d modeling/rending and capabily of running 3 screens but on a budget of around £700


So I have come up with this as a base:

What do you guys think?  Trying to get the best bang for my buck.

JockGeeK (UK)

Hi Miskoius,

 the reason for the fx 8320 is the price i am assuming, is the the fx 8350 not worth the £18 more?

Might be a silly question but do I need the CPU cooler?

I am down with the radeon hd 7870 and the 2 x 8g ram.




You can get 8350 frequencies (and more) any day with 8320, and you get an aftermarket cooler so you wont go def before your time.

You got an affordable oC-ing MB and a very good PSU (btw, psu choice in UK is horrible  ), that case is a garbage but the budget is big as it is...


i would deffanetly go for the FX8350 for 18 pounds more, its worth it