New build, FX 8350

So i decided to do a new build around the FX 8350, but Im not too sure on what kind of motherboard or gpu to get for it. I will mostly be going alot of gaming with it and writting the ocassional 20 page reasearch paper. I also might need it to do some 3D rendering for some of my classes but that wont be anytime time soon, so I would want it to be future proof. Not currently thinking of overclocking it. I would like to keep it around $600, but seeing as i just got my income taxes back it won't be much of a problem. Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Go with a 7870Ghz graphics card, and a Asrock 970 board. Until that board fails me, which I use in my personal rig, I will constantly suggest it. If you are going for one card, medicore overclocking it's perfect. If you want 9 GPUs, 20 HDDs, 5 SSDs, and a sound card and a capture card, this board is not going to be for you, but it's totally solid and good. I hate how depended it is on vendor drivers, but it's 75 to 100 USD.

I just upgraded my GPU to this little fellow here. It stays very cool and it is the 2GB flavour. I am not sure about 3D rendering though. You can look at the link and see for yourself. When you say $600 what are you trying to purchase with that? If you need everything from the case, DVD drive, and all parts in between you are going to be hard pressed to keep it in that price range. This level of graphics card require a minimum of a 500W power supply so I would go with a 600W for breathing space and insure it is a quality 80+ supply.


This last link is AM3+ motherboards listed from best rating. Again, not sure how much you need to acquire to complete this build so the price range is a wide swing.


Hey Evo80ci, what kind of fps are you getting in Metro 2033? That is of course if you have the game. On max settings, DX11, I ran through the beginning of the game and when you first get to the surface and then meet up with some guys and then get knocked out the lowest fps I saw was about 17 or 18 with my MSI R7870 Twin Frozr III OC Edition, GHz Edition, 2GB GDDR5. Just want to make sure my GPU is performing as it should, I believe I still have time to return it if I am not satisfied with it's performance.

Dear Mr. Zombie,

  I just had to say that, it sounded too cool not to. As far as Metro goes, no, I don’t have that game. I am just starting to figure out Steam as a game card I received with a previous card I had purchased had Dirt 3. To date, I cannot get Steam to play the game as it tries to load then quits and then has the audacity to say the last time I played was today! Now the new card was suppose to come with Tomb Raider and Bioshock but there was no card in the box. I got the card from and a game card is on the way. I just, and I mean just installed this new card so I have not gotten into the FPS of this card yet. I also picked up a 500GB Caviar Black that I want to set up into a Raid configuration with another I already have in my box. It may take me a little while before I get into the nitty gritty of this cards capabilities. Now I have played some WOW and have been in the main city where there were like 100 other players and I did not have any drop in picture quality or any lag going through all this data area. I would be more than willing to give you the info I can but it may take me a while before I am actually able to get it for you and that may be too late for you to return your card if you are actually having a problem with it. I would throw up a post about your system and the results you are getting and see what others are getting. It would be faster than me for sure as I don’t get much time to play. Sorry I could not have been more help.  

You might need to download another launcher program. I had a friend that could not get Dawn of War 2 to work on his laptop until he installed windows live. You might want to see if dirt 3 has another host that carries it out, i.e. origin, uplay, windows live, etc. 

Thanks double, I'll look into that.

Any time! May the force be with you