New Build For Next Year, Need Some Help

Hey guys currently I have a custom HP PC with the following specs,

CPU: AMD FX 6200 6-Core

Motherboard: Stock HP

GPU: GTX 670

Memory: 10 GB 1600MHZ

HDD/SSD: Segate 1.5TB Harddrive

Now I am sure this will hold me off over the summer and maybe to the spring of 2015, but for spring 2015 I will be doing a completely new build and likely selling my old one to a friend with an older video card (7770), my budget will be about a a grand (I will be keeping the GTX 670) now I know we have some major new technologies coming in 2015 such as USB 3.1, Intel Broadwell, etc... my question is does anyone really know when I can buy a PC case with USB 3.1 or a MOBO with Intel Broadwell support, because it would suck to buy a totally new machine and then like 3 months later oh new USB 3.1 cases and Broadwell MOBOs I would be really frustrated so really should I wait for that and is it worth the wait?

In short.... in spring 2015 prices will change, new tech will be out, your HDD will fail... too soon man.... too soon


Well there's no cases out with unsupported USB 3.1... there's no mobo release dates for processors that haven't been released yet...

If you want to buy something futureproof.... buy a nice SSD for your current system (which will make it a LOT faster... Intel, Kingston HyperX, Samsung 840 EVO), a nice PSU (XFX, Seasonic, or Corsair TX+, Fractal Design)... I don't know what you're asking for? You're asking for somebody to provide you with links to future technology?

Broadwell will definitely be worth an upgrade...

You're trying to predict something that's way too far in the future, especially in the tech world.  None of the stuff you're asking for is publicly known.

Just wait and purchase a new computer when the time comes.

You cannot do anything until the tech you want is announced let alone released