New Build for Gaming and Video Editing (Cliché)

Hello people of Tek Syndicate family!

I've been following the Youtube channel and the forums of Tek Syndicate for a long time, and since I'm going to be building a new computer, I finally decided to go ahead and create and account. It's awesome here. I honestly think that Tek Syndicate is one of the last fortresses on the internet that kinda holds the first line of 'uncommercialized' surface web.

So, I'll stop rambling now and go ahead with the topic-related subject. I, after the finals, will be building a new system. It's main purpose will be gaming, and video-editing for gaming-related videos. I'm thinking of hopefully crafting a Youtube channel where I'll be doing walkthroughs, and "First 10 Mins" videos. I also heavily use Photoshop, inDesign, and Illustrator, so I think we can count them in as well. Again, without going too much off-topic, I'm thinking of spending somewhere between 2000 to 2500 dollars, including the monitor, the camera, and the microphone. I came up with a list, and I've been tinkering with the parts everyday, so I think it's time to make up my mind! With your help, of course.

Keep in mind that I still have a couple of weeks before I go ahead and buy the system, so there'll be some parts that are not yet released. Oh, also, I'm thinking of dedicating around 500 dollars/year just for upgrades (if needed).

CPU: Intel i7 4790 $300+- - I decided to go with 4790, because it's going to come out this month, and instead of going with the previous generation, like 4770k, I thought updated version would be better for me. I won't be going for too much over clocking, so it doesn't really matter whether it's unlocked or not, so 'k' doesn't bother me at all.

Motherboard: Asus Z97-Pro 189 +- - I had several options on this one. I opted for Z97-Pro because previous generation was practically solid. It has a lot of cool features, and since I am not aiming for overclocking, this motherboard sounds like a solid option.

Case: Planteks Enthoo Pro (Windowed) $99 - I was thinking of getting a Corsair 750D, or a 760T, but I recently watched a review of this great case on HardwareCanucks , and I saw that it was absolutely beautiful; and it's extremely cheap compared to a lot of other cases of same features.

Okay, the not-yet-released parts are up there, so let's go check out the rest of the list I came up with.

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i $99+- - The good old H100i. I don't have much to say about this item, but if you do, please share!!

Memory: Crucial Ballistix 16GB 1600MHz (8GB Modules) $140+- - On the memory side, I opted for Crucial Ballistix, because I've used it before, and it was simply great. The best part about this dual channel memory is that it works at CL8, and it also gives me an upgrade room if I ever needed to go up to 32GBs (which I don't think that'll happen unless I turn professional in video-editing and all that jazz).

Storage 1 (SSD): Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB $140+- - I opted for this SSD, because Logan suggested it, and also I found some benchmarks of this particular SSD compared to a bunch of other ones including 840 Evo. This guy came out on top in terms of Price/Performance ratio, and random read and write performance.

Storage 2 (HDD): Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200Rpm $100+- - On storage, I opted for this guy. It's simply because it offers great Price/Performance, and I can easily pair it up with another one if I needed more than 3TB at some point.

Video Card: Asus R9290X DirectCU II OC $550+- - Okay. Here's the controversial part. I've been seriously thinking of getting a ACX cooled 780Ti from EVGA. I really am on that thin line. Right now, it's 290X for me, but tomorrow, I might go for 780Ti. As I said, I still have 2 more weeks, and I'll keep weighting the pros and cons of both cards. Right now, I could say that 'Cuda Acceleration' on Nvidia side is really pulling me on 780Ti's side. Also, it consumes less power, gives better performances in majority of the games, and EVGA has relatively better customer support than most of the other brands. On 290x's side though, it shows relatively better performance on multiple monitors -which I might go for in the future, and it's about $200 cheaper -which pulls me to it's side with an insane force. So, what do you guys think? I know I only talk about stuff that all of you already know, but please bear with me. Do you think 780Ti is worth 200 dollars more? I also won't be doing any Bitcoin-mining, so that's not really a pro on 290x's side for me.

Power Supply: Corsair RM850 $140+- - I don't really have a lot to say about this guy. I think 850W would be enough if I ever wanted to Crossfire/SLI my card-to-be.

Optical Drive: Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD/CD Writer $20

Monitor: Asus VG248QE 24" $260+- - A lot of you know about this monitor. I've seen a lot of reviews of different LCDs, and I think this guy offers the best Price/Performance ratio. I also personally think that 24" is the best size of monitor for gaming, and 144Hz  along with 3D support is great.

Mic and Cam: Samson Meteor and Logitech C920 $65, $60 respectively - Since I want to craft a channel on Youtube, and since I am an amateur at this point, I'll start off with C920. I read a lot of good reviews about it, and I follow some channels with broadcasters who use this camera and get a really good performance from it. Maybe sometime next year, I might get like a Pentax or something. But until then, I think this looks pretty cool. About the microphone, Samson Meteor looks amazing. I read and watched a lot of reviews on it, and it looks like a solid option for an amateur like me.

I also already own a bunch of hardware: Razer Deathadder, A4 G800V, Sennheiser HD558, Logitech Z130, Cyberpower 1500AVRLCD UPS.

So guys, that's it! I know I wrote a bunch of things you already know, but I really tried to give you what I feel about all the parts, so that you can help me change/give me an information from different perspectives. Thanks a lot!!

Edit: Oh, almost forgot, it costs around $2280 with 290x, and around $2480 with 780Ti (all excluding the parts that I already own).

Edit 2: I forgot to mention that the price includes the OS, and even the tool kit I'll be getting from Rosewill! The only part that is not included in the price point is the already-own part.

On the camera, you could look into a nice second hand dslr...

You could 2 way crossfire r9 290s. All a 290x is is an overclocked 290 that costs $200 more. You can get a 2 way crossfire 290 for about price of a high end 780ti. I know you said you probably wouldn't overclock, but its the better way to go if you chose the 290.


On the other hand a 780ti might be a bit faster then a 2 way 290 or 290x. Also, the 780ti will support the game stream feature of the nvidia shield. That was the selling point for me to get a gtx 760 over a r9 290. Mainly because i go out of town a lot and now i can play my games away from home.



The R9 290X is not a overclocked R9 290.  The R9 290 has less stream processors than the 290X.  However, the R9 290 performs so similarly that I do agree that the 290X is worth the price premium over the R9 290(in gaming.  OpenCL rendering may be different).

Also, SLI/Crossfire is only for gaming.  Video editing programs can usually only manage one GPU, and therefore it would be better to make sure you get a strong single GPU.  If OP has the budget, go for a 780ti.  If not, an R9 290X or R9 290 will probably perform really well for the money.

I'm too lazy to make another comment so I'll add my 0.02 here.

Before you buy the i7-4790, you may want to compare it to the i7-4770 and see if the performance increase is worth the price increase.  Also, since you'll be having a discrete GPU card, the integrated graphics on the i7 will be of no use.  A much cheaper Xeon will allow you to have the computational power of an i7, but have no integrated graphics(which you won't be using).  The Xeon 1230v3 is equivalent to an i7-4770, but has no iGPU(as stated before).  Both the Xeon and the non-K i7 parts are not overclockable.

As for the motherboard, the H versions of the chipset are equivalent to their Z partners, minus a couple of PCIe lanes and unlocked multipliers.  The H87(and I would assume H97) should work just fine for this build since you are not overclocking.

I have heard that the H100i is a bit noisy.  There may be some pump noise and fan noise.  I also personally prefer a large air cooler, since there are less points of failure and high end air coolers are usually much, much quieter than AIOs.  If you don't mind the fan colors, the Noctua NH-D14 is incredibly popular and often matches the performance of a H100i.  It's also incredibly quiet.

Higher clocked RAM will help in video editing.  For gaming, it makes no difference.  However, if you do ever want to upgrade, keep in mind that the higher clocked the RAM is, the harder it becomes to mix and match RAM kits(esp 1866 and higher).  RAM sticks are matched at the factory to ensure that both sticks are similar enough to run together with little to no problem.

I would go for a RAID configuration for drives.  I find that the 3TB and 4TB drives have such a high failure rate that it's not even funny.  I also prefer Western Digital as I know a lot of people with Seagate drives that have had to replace them within a year or so.  All the people I know with WD drives have not reported them failing yet.

GPU- info stated above.  tl;dr: If budget permits, get the 780ti.  Otherwise, the R9 290X/R9 290 will be good options as well due to price-performance and an extra GB of VRAM[helps in video rendering and high resolution gaming].

850W for the PSU should be fine.  As stated before, grabbing another graphics card will usually only improve gaming performance.  Productivity applications are not coded for multiple GPUs.

ODD: looks fine

Monitor: TN panel.  For gaming, this is often enough.  However, if you need accurate color, look into IPS/PLS panels.  These have much, much better viewing angles and color depth.

idk about peripherals; no experience with them.

Thanks for your reply!

As I said, I'll see how it goes, then I might update my camera to a DSLR.

I know I can flash the Bios and unlock the stream processors, but I rather just go with the 290x. Also, I'd rather go with 780Ti instead of running 2 290s at Crossfire. Single cards come prior to dual solutions. Thanks for your reply! 

First off, thank you for dedicating your time to reply!

Before I begin, I should say that I'm not trying to reduce the price wherever I can. The only place I'm in between is the GPU part. And that's because I can't be sure if 780Ti is worth 200 dollars over 290X.

I got some 'unofficial' comparisons of 4770K vs 4790. 4790 is slightly faster, and around 30 bucks cheaper. So, I think I'll go with that one unless something extreme happens.

I don't want to completely isolate myself from overclocking. I sure wouldn't prefer overclocking, but there's no need to get something completely incapable of overclocking like a Xeon.

On CPU cooler, I really don't mind the sound levels that much. So, I think I'll stick with that!

On memory, I think Crucial Ballistix at CL8 is at that perfect balance for gaming and rendering. I could go with something like HyperX Beast 1866Mhz at CL10, but thanks to my prior experiences with Crucial, I'd love to stick with the good old yellows.

Hard Drive part, I made my research, and I must say I was shocked. Thank you for your information. I'm going with the latest generation of WD Black 2TB. I'm not a huge fan of Raid arrays, and since I'll be using the SSD as a storage for online games like BF4 and CoD, and the HDD for single player games, I won't be needing the increased speed of an array like Raid 0.

On monitor, I'll probably get another one next year. Maybe a 4K when prices go down a little bit. For now, I'll stick with Asus. We'll see what happens next year!

Thank you so much for your help!! It's much appreciated.

Such good reads!! :D 

Well anyways... back on topic... 

Gpu discussion: Personally, if it's within your budget just go with the 290x... you said you use a lot of Adobe products and i'm not sure if it has already happened or will happen but i heard from someone that Adobe will be dropping support for CUDA and be using Open CL. Don't know if that is 100% accurate. 

Cpu Cooler: Noise may not bother but it is HIGHLY more likely for you to get a DOA or Not "long-lasting" (i.e. 30days-3months) H100i. While the nhd-14 has pretty much no chance of have any faulty parts apart from the occasional bad fan which can be replaced easily.

Ram: When Some Tech Noob was talking about memory speed i'm assuming he was referring to the Mhz. 1600 is average. Although the cas latency is low and that is good having 1866 or 2133 memory with CL9 will be better and not much more expensive. Also, depending on what and how much you're rendering 16gb will not be enough.

Monitor thing: I understand your affinity for refresh rates and response time... i feel you. But if you're doing any productivity that needs any accurate color reproduction that TN panel will do you no good. Otherwise it is a great monitor... I'm waiting for ASUS to release their 120hz 1440p monitor... <.<

CPU: Also, based on this review of the cpu you want (,1.html) it will be a non-k i7 that is locked. So, if you're set on getting it just stick with the stock cooler. Otherwise get the 4770k if you feel adventurous about overclocking.

IF ANYTHING WAIT FOR DEVILS CANYON! If you want to overclock and be on Z97 just for the haswell refresh i7 k model.

You can no longer flash a R9 290 to a R9 290X.  That's been fixed long ago.

Both the Xeon and non-K i7s have locked multipliers.  They're equivalent in terms of overclocking.  In order to overclock them, you'll have to change the FSB speeds and core clocks.  It's doable, but is a lot harder to get stable.

If you want to get into overclocking at all, get a K part and a Z87/Z97 board.

I agree with "some tech noob". The H100i cools only slightly better than a Noctua NH-D14, but the noctua is silent. Both coolers are pointless in getting unless you are overclocking or looking for something quieter than the stock cooler.

On Overclocking, you need to get the K if you want to overclock at any point. Otherwise, get the xeon. You won't be getting any significant performance boost over the 4770 refresh really. If you want to get the most for you money, then invest more heavily into the GPU rather than a much more expensive CPU.

I would also consider breaking up your storage by need. This way you get some backup in case a drive fails. It is better to have 2x2TB drives than 1 4TB drive because you can have a copy of all the really important stuff and if the drive fails, you always have a backup of the important stuff at least. The failure rate of the 4TB drives is also much higher than that of the 2 TB drives. dividing drives by purpose also increases the life span of the drives because they will be used less frequently.

I put this together based on what you posted above. You can change out parts for what you want, but this system will overclock beautifully and be silent. I also added a 128gb SSD as a windows and basic files drive so that the drive with your games and working files are being used heavily. As mentioned above I also set 2x2TB to give you more data security.



If you're still not sure about the GPU make sure to think about rendering and editing performance.

Thank you so much for all your comments and help, guys!! I went with this build:

I upgraded the memory, the CPU, and the HDD over the version I mentioned above.

The reason why I didn't choose Nactua was basically it's huge. I still wanna be able to see the components of my build, and Nactua would practically block the whole view. And since it's a Mid-tower case, it'd probably be the only thing I'd be able to see from outside of the case.

About the rest, I will have $500 every year that I can dedicate for possible upgrades, whether it's CPU, or GPU, I'll have enough budget to even completely replace the components.

About the HDD, I'll probably add another WD Black 2TB upcoming months. And probably I'll use it for a Raid 1 array instead of a Raid 0. We'll see!

I really wanted to leave room for upgrades, and also for overclock. I didn't want to completely block myself from doing it. I know that overclocking is still possible but it's rather hard, still, thank you 'Some Tech Noob' for your help!

I'll be ordering the motherboard and the case as soon as they are available, but the rest are on their way! I'll make sure to shoot an update once I get them all together!

Looks pretty good.

Should be quite a beast in its current form; I'm sure you'll be happy w/ the performance out of the box.

Yes, do show pictures of the build when its completed. XDDD Gonna be a sick system.

The build looks really good. I am a bit jealous myself. I need to start doing rendering or something as a business so I can justify buying a system like that for myself lol.

Haha that'd be a really cool way to justify it. :P DON'T BE JEALOUS! I'm scared as shit of nazar haha.

Thanks a bunch!! I'm buying the parts one by one. I'm so excited!

Thanks so much for your comments!! I'll let you guys now when I have it up and running!