New Build for christmas.Pls help

I have decided to go with the fx6300 for the cpu and r9 270x for the gpu....but couldn't find a mobo ...I would like the mobo to be around 70 bucks and also I have a geforce 210 gpu lying around which I can combine withe the 270x....suggest power supply(corsair vs550w okay?),ram...all for under 550 $.....pls suggest

not sure what you needed but here is a full system 

Could u suggest me a 450-500 $ rig with the same cpu and gpu...maybe with a lesser priced mother board 

You don't really wanna cut any corners for a solid build, that's about as cheap as you can get good 1080p gaming. If that is too much, you might look into going with an AMD APU instead of a cpu and discrete gpu.

There's nothing else you can really do to reduce the price.  raging has put up a pretty good build as is.

Cheaper PSU and Case, but that's pretty much it.  The Source 210 Elite is a better case imo.

Should I go with asrock 970 extreme 3 or asus 970a g46?