New Build For 3D Modelling / Gaming

Hi Everyone!

So, I want to game and use productivity software such as Maya / Unreal Game Engine & the Adobe design suite.

Rendering 3D models & designing in Photoshop / Illustrator are important. I want to store lots of work files and archive Tv shows / films.

My Budget is £2,200. ($3700)

I don't plan to do major upgrades at all, I want at least 5 years out of this build.

What do you think?


Many Thanks!


looks decent to me, i only would personaly change the ram to a Quadkit, to utilize the quad memory channel controller of your cpu. ☺

About those SSHD´s im personaly abit sceptical. they not seem very popular if i read alon the interwebs. i would personaly spend my money into 2TB WD blacks. normal HDD´s

If I was you, I would spend just a bit more and grab this

Also Angel is right, Grab quad channel memory 32gb set. It can cause headaces later down the track.

Also one last thing. If you grab a Classified or Lightning GTX 780 TI and spend a few days learning how to get more out of it, You will get better bang for your buck compared to a stock card. Most likely. Its still a lottery but if the increase in price is too much, take a look at both. I prefer EVGA for their warrenty. I basically switched a couple of your original parts and added a 8 core Xeon :) 

Thanks MisteryAngelthecaveman  much much appreciated! Good constructive advice! ...I heard WD Blacks are more solid! Your alternate specs makes sense. The PC Part picker is AWESOME!

OK I chose these for you because I was not happy with caveman's pickings and well. Having built my own system that was designed around work station with gaming this is what I would build. It is 30 euro over budget but the extras here and there as worth that extra cost.

The reason why i went away from the Xeon 8 core is because if you want to game, you are going to need something stronger than a 2ghz 8 core xeon. Plus the xeon was 400 euro more... But I chose the P9X79WS because you will need stability. and ASUS WS boards are the strongest boards out there. They just dont come with all the special features that ROG boards do. But they overclock just as well if not better and are just so damn stable.  With this new z97 chipset, people are finaly realising that. 

Chose Samsung EVO's as they out perform Kingstons (They are really old tech if you think about it) Though the Pro's do perform a bit better they also come with a premium cost.

The EVGA GTX 780 TI Classified because stability in 3D modeling and rendering is key and having a GPU that runs cooler and has better VRM is well worth the extra few Euro's

The PSU is high quality with enough headroom that if you do decide to add some more components like a GPU, it should hold with 80+ gold rating

32GB's of good ram because starting off with 16gb's Dual channel can be problematic when you try to upgrade to quad channel and running 4x4GB is idiotic when you are looking at upgrading the ram in the future. Bighting the bullet and getting 32gb's is better.

I chose the H105 as its thicker if i recal? and also has veriable speeds for the pump aswell? and so it should be quiet at idle. But you will have to check.

The case is dificult as the motherboard is CEB Form Factor and so there is very little choice. Just shop around, Find something that fits. The motherboard may be large but that stability is worth it. The CEB form factor is the same as ATX but needs just a bit more room for overhang. So check dimentions of any case you chose so you have an extra inch or so. And dont forget the top mount watercooler support.

Edit also you probably wont see much difference in performance if you switch the hybrid drive to wd blacks for a more solid drive.

Um a couple problems with this... The 8 core Xeon is 200 euro more (not 400) and 4 logical threads will be a big benefit for the extra euro... 3D modeling software will really benefit more from extra cores than core speed, so the Xeon will outperform the 4930k even with the lower clock speed... Also the Gtx 780 ti classified will be just as reliable as the superclocked acx, but may have a tiny bit better overclocking headroom. Maybe 1fps difference for 78 euros more...    

Wow thanks for all this info, it's very well articulated. I agree with your CPU config, it's €400 more and not ideal for gaming. It didn't cross my mind to get a EVGA GTX 780 TI for the cooling, it makes sense, especially if something takes 8 hrs to render or 16 (I dare say it!)

I'm definitely getting 32GB RAM, I'm not risking an unstable upgrade further down the line.

Is the X79 Deluxe motherboard any better or is it more than I need? I'm just a bit curious.

I'll have a little think do a lil bit more research and then decide!



I personally have not looked at the deluxe, Only the rampage extremes but for any system that does long renders on a regular bases, I recomend the WS. Im sure the Delux would be fine but with the WS you are ruling out any risk of incompatible bios's when installing all sorts of things like RAID cards and soundcards and just basicly next to anything you throw at it. WS boards are made for stability and comparability. Again dosent mean any other system you build wont do the job.

The only flaw i see with this Motherboard is that there are only 2 Sata 3 ports providing 6Gb/s speeds. The rest are sata 2. While that wont hamper the performance of the HDD's, Any more than 2 SSD's and you wont see peak performance. There are alternatives like RAID cards however. A motherboard like this gives you that option.

About this time last year, WS really started to get recognised by some smart people. Logan and Wendel fell in love with the Z87-WS (So did I) Linus did the same with the board im recomending to you toay and if I recall correctly Wendell and Logan built a Dual Xeon system on a WS platform? It was a while ago. May have been just a server platform.

WS is like that family car. It may not have all those features that other cars have but when other cars start breaking down, This one just keeps on going.

I have benchmarks to prove that my GTX 780 classified (Not a TI) can outperform an overclock GTX 780 TI superclocked ACX.

its not just the fan but the superior VRM and just down right Superior PCB. They may look the same and be based off the same fan design but the standard ACX is a V8, The Classified is the same V8 with a supercharger to make sure there is enough power and stability available if need be. The real ripoff is the Quadro's. Basicly add another $5000 USB or 2,500 Euro? to get the same level of performance.

And its the same story with the Xeon, Your paying double for something that while more stable will not perform as well in games (A request by the OP) and while it wil perform some tasks in a workstation enviroment better, Most of the work is done on the GPU anyway so spending more on a GPU is a better idea. If OP really wanted to, He could upgrade to the Titan Black? For the extra 3gb's of vram which would really help but you lose that stability that the classified provides. However you can buy a cooler for the Titan from EVGA. Same ACX cooler but you come to the question. Stability or extra performance. 

It is confusing because a classified 780 ti is better than the titan black in stability but the titan black is better than a stock 780 ti. Its about finding the right performance to money to stability ratio and while you miss out on some of the features of the titan, you get better raw performance in games and better temperatures leading to a more stable system. Keep it cool, Keep it quiet, Keep it running.

if you have the budget i would look into getting a quadro k5000 - its solid with 3d apps and can handle games - I've used gamming cards for 3d work and they do the job, but you find glitches like lines pixelating funny or disappearing in some situations - its not a big deal but using a card designed for 3d work with current supported drivers makes a nice difference

-just a thought you can get by fine with the current gaming card 

Would you recommend the ASUS P9X79 LE ?  (Opposed to the P9X79 WS)  By getting the LE model I can reduce the cost and spend it on 32GB HyperBest RAM.

I could build this system myself and order all the parts but I don't have too much time or patience to fix it if something goes wrong

I've built this system using PcSpecialist. This is a £2,210 system. (anymore and it's a real stretch)


Ha ha Thanks Cavemanbangs

The Nvidia Quadro k5000 is amazing but I cant spend that much. That's almost the price of my overall Rig.

This looks good to me, offcourse the Asus X79 WS, Deluxe or, rampage IV Extreme or Black, are offcourse better boards.

You can but the big difference between the 2 boards is one is rated to run at 100% continuesly while the other isnt. Will is do renders for 10+ hours? It has a good chance. With the WS your almost guaranteed it will run smoothly. 

When it comes to the ram, I almost bought the Beast memory myself. When it came to buying my memory, They were sold out because of the large fire that caused a massive price rise. Will you see much different between high end corsair and high end Kingston ram? Unlikely. You would see it if you were rendering off your CPU but since most 3D rendering is done off the GPU.

All I can recommend is spending more on a more stable Motherboard and Graphics card.

And talking about the graphics card, All i can see is a stock Graphics card. Not an ACX, Classified or Lightning. I really recomend getting a higher end GPU with a better VRM solution like the Classified and Lightning. Or atleast one with a custom cooler.

Stability is key. Would you rather risk failed renders for a few extra minutes cut off the render time or a slower render that is less likely to fail during the long hours of render. And seeing as this system already has a 780 ti and 4930k, I dont think you will have too much problem with the speed at things render compared to other offerings.

Quadro's do amazingly in stability of renders and their colour reproduction is amazing but when you want to game, You will have games performing like you have a GTX 550 stuck in your system. Run games like Watch Dogs at low.

Thanks All!

I'm going to go with Rudster's recommendations. I'm going to bite the bullet and build this system myself (not using PcSpecialist)

Motherboard: I'm going with the P9 X79 WS for it's stability and durability. It has all the features I need. The only thing I need to get for it is a Dual Band Networking card. The Deluxe and Rampage Black looks sweet and has nice audio & networking features but it's a put pricey for what I need.

GPU: I'm going with the EVGA 780 Ti (£555). I like Logan's review. This GPU seems well cooled which means it could probably last longer if it's only using it's standard clock settings.

CPU Cooler: I think I might go for an air cooled solution. The Corsair 100i has too many points of failure: the pump, Rad, fans, piping, coolant. I heard the pump and fan can be a bit noisy....Noctua sounds great, I'm sold on their engineering and manufacturing process. But not so keen on their beige and brown colour scheme, ha.

Zalman have some interesting CPU coolers. Check out this fanless one, what do you think?

Zalman FX100. (You can also mount a 92mm fan in the middle)

Looks great. Now with the cooler, If you grab a great noctua cooler, The fans wont necessarily run at 100% all the time and seeing as this is a rendering rig, I would grab a Noctua NH-D15. It is in my opinion the best cooler you can get without going full custom watercooling. It even beats my H110. And that thing is a monster of AIO coolers, Save some money and you can grab the previous model, The NH-D14. And noctua are finally coming out with fans that dont look god aweful so keep  that in mind. The Zalman Im sure should do fine if you stick a fan on top. Might be asking for trouble with a 4930k and a fanless cooler.

Anyway, Good luck. Your going to have an amazing build. Just make sure you read the manuals carefully. Some people make simple mistakes like sticking USB in the firewire jack. Which is more common than you would think. They look exactly the same. I admit I did it once a few years ago. Had the board repaired for free with a light smack on the hand lol.

Amazing, thank you!will be reading the manuals and will make sure that beastly Noctua NH-D15 will be able to fit in the 540 case :D  (edit) ...apparently that beast will fit ...

Nice. Just keep in mind the space between the GPU and the heatsink and you should be fine. If they touch then zap goes your GPU. I know Wendel had a problem with that with the Z87-WS and a large Heatsink.

Two options is 1, Move the GPU down to the next full speed slot or 2, Stick some sort of rubber between them to make sure they are isolated from each other. 

But good luck! Im a bit jellous. If I had waited for the 780 ti and the 4930k, I would be running a similar system. 

Just got sick of waiting after 2 months and dropped my money on my system 1 month prior to release.