New Build for 2015 Gaming and Streaming?

Hello everyone.

I am looking to build a new rig for the new year. Currently on an aging Phenom II X4 B45/750ti set up.

I have some decent experience building rigs. Mostly in the budget/APU range for coworkers and family members.

Looking to game on 1440p for sure. Playing SC2 and Path of Exile at the moment, but would like to play the new games as my current rig isn't up to the task. May also get in to streaming to twitch/home tv and some light music/video creation.

I would like to keep the budget under $1500.

Thanks for any help/feedback!


PSU is overkill. You'd be fine with a 500w PSU, a 650w would leave plenty of OC headroom and upgrade path down the road and that would probably save you $50 or so.

Unless you have sensitivity to noise, I don't see a whole lot of point in investing so much into a cooler. Stick with the Hyper 212 and call it day. The extra $70 isn't worth the extra 100-200MHz you'll be able to squeeze out, not unless you really need the silence. I'd also look to save on the motherboard as well.

Most of what makes motherboards motherboards has been integrated into the CPU these days, at least with modern Intel CPU's, so unless there is a feature specific to that board that you really need (fan header layout, preference with EUFI/BIOS, monitoring/OC utilities, integrated sound, etc), I wouldn't be looking to spend more than about $100-$120 on a mobo. The ASRock Z97M Anniversary looks like quite the bargain at $90.

With those adjustments, I'd see if you could spring for a Core i7. Games are utilizing 4 cores pretty fully these days, and unless you have dedicated capture/streaming hardware, you're going to take a noticeable performance hit when streaming.The hyper-threading in the Core i7 will help mitigate the performance hit. Personally, I'd be looking into an 8-core AMD FX CPU, but the platform is dated. Just my two cents.

I'd also wait for a second opinion. I've been out of the building game for a while, so I may not have the most up to day info and what not.

get that cpu to 4.4 or 4.5 and enjoy 1440p ultra

with only 1 gpu you might be able to get a i7

Xeon E3-1231 V3 (an i7 with no integrated graphics) with 2 GTX 970s (because 2 R9 290s output too much heat imo)

This is if you don't want to overclock the CPU too much.

On the cooler and Watts from PSU; i erred on the side of too much. While it will be in my bedroom, my current PC doesn't really bug me, and that has the mentioned Hyper 212. Guess I just wanted to pick the current stuff for a change, as I usually budget shop in the older gens of hardware.

I will think about it today, and look over my picks and other posts after work.


Hmm, never even looked at Xeon's. For the price, it looks like a redonk deal. Is the lower clock speed vs a K part i7 that noticeable in gaming/streaming/content creation? or an OC'd AMD 8 core for that matter?


I've had personal experience building with this Xeon, and its run all the games me and my friend have thrown at it with no problem.

You'd have to over clock an FX chip quite a lot to match the performance, especially single core performance of this chip.  After going with a pricier motherboard, as well as aftermarket cooling, the FX 8320/8350 doesn't seem too good of a deal anymore.

Well then, it looks like a xeon machine is in my future?

Though with my luck, 2 months after having an up to date rig, the aliens will come and ruin all my fun. :P

Thank you Mr. Noob!

I would something like this. I got the i7 in there, and I separated a drive for dedicated OS/primary programs so you can use the other SSD for games and video editing. Makes things snappier and increases drive life span.

Overall this has more performance for basically the same price. I upgraded the motherboard a bit as well.

If you wish to stream while you game maybe you should get more Cores(the AMD option) or more threads(Intel option) 


about the PSU I've always been a fan or a bit of overkill just in case of SLI\CF :D

Yeah, I want to avoid AMD for the moment. While they are my preferred company, the socket is just a bit too old I feel for this system. So i7 or Xeon, hyperthreads will be in there.

Though it just occurred that I should check with my ISP to see if they have any speeds to support me streaming.

I would do something like this.