New build finally coming together... Needs some finishing touches though

So I have a higher end PC that is almost done.


I just need help with the color coordination... I am in quite a predicament over something that should be very minor haha.


Basically if you are too lazy to follow the link I have an TUF series motherboard with blue Ram sticks in a generally black build and I want to know what I should do with the fans and watercooling fittings. So in terms of fans I have 2 black 120mm fans, a black 140mm in the back and a blue 120 in the top. So trying to fill the top with fans is kind of a weird predicament to me. If you were wondering I do have an NZXT HUE so in terms of LED's I'm good but I'm thinking about going with UV lights or Cathodes or whatever inside to because I want clear tubes that turn blue in UV light.

So to sum, with all these variables what color should my fans and fittings and the general theme of the build be? 

If it was me... and if I was going for an all black/blue theme, I wouldn't waste time/money with a custom cooler.  There are many closed loop coolers out there in all black, then you could just add some blue Coolermaster JetFlow 120mm as the radiator fans.  The Coolermaster cooler pumps even have a little blue led light that shows they are operating.  I don't know how complicated/expensive you want your cooling system to be... so that is just a simple suggestion.