New Build Finalized!

Hey guys its been a little over a month since I last posted about a new build I was wanting to do. Finally I have finished and clicked submit in the shopping cart. So far I'm only waiting on the case and the PSU to be delivered. Let me know what you guys think! Oh and also to those who helped out and let me pick their brains: and to all the parts reviews on here. Thank you!

I'll get some pictures up on here as soon as everything else comes in.



Why not just an 8350? Save some cash and put that towards a 780 or a higher end ssd. AS5 is a waste as the pre-applied TIM on the h100 is more than fine.

less cash more power (you dont realy need 16gbs of ram or a sound card just a waste of money)

Well, he bought everything already.  Could be better balanced here and there, and a bit pricy on the PSU(albeit CM V series PSUs are pretty good), but it should be fine for most uses.

I only picked the 9370 because it was on sale. As for the ram that's by bust. I only bought the 2x8. Haha and the wife bought the sound card for xmas. 

No matter what parts you chose, as long as they are compatible, you will always be happy with your build.  Congratulations and enjoy!  

Congrats on the build.  The only part that I am waiting on is a graphics card.  I cannot afford a GTX 770 even though I want a GTX 780.  Did taxres yesterday and I have to pay the Government just over 2k in due taxes so I will not be able to get a new card for about 6 months unless I have some good fortune that comes to me.

Sorry to hear that man. Hope everything works out for ya! Just finished putting everything in, waiting on the PSU to arrive tomorrow then the fun will commence. Praying for no DOA's!!