New build could use some help 600-1200$

making a build with this cpu and case which i have purchased already
had some help but not sure what motherboard will work best with it is going to be a streaming/gaming build and havent decided on the memory or ssd and hhd or gpu will be playing a lot of bf4 and dayz not sure if their are many deals this monday for pc is there is plz let me know what sites and things to check 4

well is that budget including what you've bought already or is that for the rest of the build =) if its for the rest because of the extreme wattage the 9370 takes your going to want a higher end mobo like asus sabertooth 990fx.  Memory wise i've heard 8Gb is all you really need unless you do rendering but id recommend 16Gb with a 1866mHz or higher (i've read/heard AMD processors prefer higher mHz.  When it comes to storage its kinda what are you looking for speed, storage space, reliability, and price. If you want speed with the storage space and a lower price look at the SSHD (hybrid drives) They are basically if a ssd and hdd had a baby and they are only about $20 more then their hdd size counterpart ( theres a speed test. Now gpu are you looking to run everything on max settings (assuming you are with your price limit) you can either look at SLI of GTX 760 (asus is soon releasing their ROG MARS dual GPU card soon). If you are like me and didnt want to deal with the possibility of microstutter from sli get the gtx 780 (you can find them around $520)


So recap on prices


mobo- asus sabertooth $200

ram- 16Gb 1866mHz+ $90-170

storage- 1Tb SSHD $110     1Tb HDD $80+      120Gb SSD  $105

gpu- gtx 760 $250-300      gtx 780 $520

oh btw with that wattage/heat from your cpu your probably going to want an after market cooler.  I recommend a corsair h100i thats what i use atleast


hope that helps a little. IF you have any other questions feel free to message me


also im running


asus m5a99fx pro

16Gb- g.skilz ares 1866mHz

asus gtx 780


750w p/s


assuming that your budget does NOT include already purchased parts,

you can get an r9 280x into a $1200 build, easy.

 the m5a99fx pro r2.0 can handle a 9590, so I imagine a 9370 will be no problem. you do need an H80, or better, liquid cooler with that. air cooling that cpu, in that case, is out of the question.

also, you only need 8gb of ram for gaming. mem clock doesn't make a real difference if you're not using an APU.

and SSD boot, with an HDD data drive, is the most common configuration...