New build confused with 4+4 cpu 12v plug

Hey guys!


Been meaning to sign up here for awhile now and this has given be the the kick in the ass to do so. Alright on to my problem, I'm working on a build (my first) and I have run into what I wouldn't say is the biggest problem but I wont feel safe booting till I get some advice. What I have run into is that my power supplie has a 4+4 pin cpu plug that as different shaped male plugs the the mother board has.

Mobo plug has two square holes and the plug on the power cord only has one. It fits together alright but I'm worried it might fry my mobo if it's wrong so I'm asking for some knowladge on this delema.


PSU: NZXT Hale82 850w

Mobo: ASUS Z77 Sabertooth





Normally they are Kind enough to mark the ones that are important normally it will say CPU on the cable, if it does your fine even if the port looks different than the plug. Ive seen that happen a few times

Yeah the cable is labeled, I was just worried about the difference in plugs....

it was like that on my cousins AMD build, the plug looked different than the port but it fit fine and works like normal.