New build confirmation

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the pc gaming community and I want to build a rig that can pretty much play the latest games,upcoming games within the few years. My budget is around 2000 including monitor and peripherals. I already did some searching online and I need help if you guys have any suggestions on what parts I should maintain or replace to make it better. I mean I'm willing to upgrade if its worth it. My budget is flexible but I'm trying to not go overboard at the same time. 

I'll be playing FPS, strategy (shogun 2 total war, company of heroes 2 when it comes out), action/adventure and mmo. 

I will not do any  overclocking anytime soon however I might do it down the road. If I do I'll be just doing a small overclock. 


CASE: CM storm stryker 

CPU: i5 3570k

CPU Cooler: H80 or H100. 

Motherboard: asus p8z77-v pro

RAM: kingston hyper x 16gb (2x8gb) 1600mhz

Hardrive: WD caviar black 1tb

SSD: kingston hyper x 120 gb

GPU: EVGA gtx670 FTW 2gb

PSU: seasonic x series 750w

Monitor:???? ( I read that 120ghz monitor is better???.. need help)


This is my first time building a computer so any helpful and informative feedback will be greatly appreciated. 

It looks really solid to me. I would personally get a 7970 instead of the 670 though, just because they're around the same price, and you'll be able to overclock the 7970 to perform better than a GTX 680.

How much are you willing to spend on a  monitor? Do you just want something with 1080P, or are you looking for higher resolutions? 120Hz is nice as long as you have the graphics horsepower to push it. You can either game at very high FPS levels (120 FPS and below), or you could play games in 3D. For either of those, you're probably going to need more than one card though.

Also, if you need to save a little money to spend on something else, you could always go for 8GB of ram instead of 16GB. You most likely won't use 16GB, and you probably won't use all of the 8GB anyway.

omg were going to be twins with our builds 


Nice thank you for the reply.

Im trying to stay around the $200-$250 range for the monitor. I don't really knowanything about monitors but I read a little bit about them. I watched linux tips on youtube and I rememberhim saying that 120hz is way better than 60hz but I didn't know what are the requirements to get the fulladvantage of having a 120hzmonitor. Other website recommended 1920x 1200 for a 24 inch monitor .Ow btw If possible I'll stick to 24inch size monitors. 27 inch monitors will be too large for my desk. 


About the GPU. Yeah I'm actually torn between the radeon hd 7970 3gb and evga gtx 670 ftw 2gb because they are at the same price. Now that you bring it up I'm not sure which one to get now hahaha!! The thing is do I need to overclock the radeon hd 7970 to be able to perform better than the gtx 680? I initially went with evga gtx 670 ftw 2gb coz they said it performs better than 680, as is. no overclock. I can always go with gtx 680??? 


Yes about the RAm I'm actually considering getting the corsair vengeance low profile white 8gb (2x4gb) 1600. Is that alright???

hahaha!!! Nice bro so should we change the GPU to radeon hd 7970????


Whoever told you that the GTX 670 is better than the GTX 680 doesn't know what they're talking about. When it comes to a price to performance comparison, the GTX 670 is the better value because the 680 does offer better performance but not by much. At stock clocks, the 7970 isn't as fast as a GTX 680. I'm not sure how the factory overclocked Ghz edition cards compare, but the 7970's will definitely perform better than the GTX 680 when overclocked.

I would personally go for a 7970 unless you're going to spend some extra money and get a 4GB GTX 680 and an ultra high resolution monitor in order to utilize the extra VRAM.

When it comes to monitors, you're going to want to look at resolution, contrast ratio, and response time. You might have a preference when it comes to brightness as well. Another thing to look for is whether or not the monitor has an anti-glare coating. Anti-glare coatings can be nice for rooms that have a lot of light pollution, but monitors without the anti-glare coating will look a lot more vibrant and colorful, although they will obviously be more vulnerable to glare issues.

When it comes to response time, you're generally going to want between 2ms and 5ms for gaming. If the response time is too slow, you could have lag-like issues. Brightness is really just your own preference. I personally like brighter screens because I think it makes the colors pop that much more. Contrast ratio is kind of a shit show at this point, because everyone rates contrast ratio with a different standard. Most companies rate contrast by something called a "Dynamic Contrast Ratio." Dynamic contrast ratio is what the display is capable of doing, no questions asked, but standard contrast ratio measures how much contrast a screen can output at one time. Standard contrast ratios are more accurate, and the higher they are the better. Contrast ratio is just the measure of how black your blacks are and how white youre whites are, btw.

Simply put, you want the lowest response time possible, highest contrast ratio possible, best resolution for your graphics card, and brightness and anti glare are personal preferences.

If I had to pick a monitor for your build it would be one of these:;pgid=c7twGfjc0ptSRpIq7ZUcoGXQ0000PpVVSUTr;sid=2WfJySfiXXn03HefYh9uQf_t7XsMnBP-HDIhYsrz07xEYp1xG9HKH5RZ?HP-x2301-23-inch-Diagonal-LED-Monitor#pdpspecs

The HP has no anti-glare protection, and the screen is extremely glossy. It gives you an amazing looking picture as a result, but it is very vulnerable to glare.

The ASUS has anti-glare protection, but it's still a very nice monitor.

Other things to keep in mind is whether or not the monitor has an LED backlight. LED backlights are more of the standard now because they use less power while preventing light bleed. I wouldn't go with a 120hz screen unless you're planning on getting two high end video cards and planning to do some 3D gaming or watching 3D movies.

Another technology to look at are IPS panels. IPS panels have great color accuracy, but they generally have higher response times.

Btw, link me to the ram, and I'll let you know what I think.

wow thank you again for the very informative input. This is the ram I am looking at right now.

I'm leaning more towards the hd 7970 now, instead of the nvidia gtx 670 ftw. You are right I will be spending more money if I go to gtx 680 and then buy a hi res monitor just to take advantage of the extra vram. 

I also checked the monitor you recommended and I like them both. I'm leaning more towards the asus monitor because it is cheaper. 

It's decent ram, but I would personally spend about $20 more and get something with lower timings. 

Im sorry I don't know much about timings.  Which one do you recommend? i prefer a low profile ram though. 

I would suggest something like this:

@vortex what do you think about the G.Skill Trident 8GB package?


Those timings are much worse than the ones that vortex suggested.

Edit: I think it goes something like the timings matter more on an intel based system and the speed matters more on an amd system.

The trident series would be better for video rendering and 3d modeling than for gaming. 

Thanks vortex! I'll be getting those RAM, plus they will look good on my motherboard hehehe... 

Anything else that I should be changing in my build? 

I'm trying not to buy stuff right now because I'm waiting til thansgiving or on holiday season, I might get better deals on the parts.