New build but what parts?

Hey guys, so i have been looking into buying a new rig, with this new rig i want to be able to;
-Game smoothly at 1080p max settings on most games.
-Video rendering, nothing crazy though mainly just light work.

-keep it preferably under £1800 but it don't mind having a max of £2000 as i do not want to cut corners

-i want to get into streaming although it isn't a must.

I was figuring a 2011 build

Or a 4770k build

The only thing i am certain on is the case, cooler and hard drive.

Any help would be great guys

Why such incredible overkill on the PSU?

that's so he can add 3 titans in sli later.. on pcpartpicker

Another 780 further down the line, not anytime soon however.


That is still way too much power, wasting money upfront, and wasting money in efficiency. Single 780, while, sure, benching, under LN2, with an Epower, at or past 1.5V, in the range of 1.7gHz, 100% load, has been know to pull upwards of 450W, but your system, with single 8 pin and single 6 pin, plus the 75W from the PCIe socket, won't push more than 300W into that GPU, and out of box, I bet it won't surpass 250W on its own after GPU Boost 2 kicks in.

CPU-wise, for 2011, add 140W, Haswell, add 110ish, for an overclocked CPU, and, including HDDs, ODDs, etc., that puts you at or around 370-380W, give or take. Add another 250W for the second 780, and that's, let's round up, 650W. Sure, for cap life-span, you may want to run at around 60%, but within the usable lifespan of the system, you won't get any harm from running at 80% load upwards. I would recommend a 750W PSU, for cap lifespan, for two GPUs, but a 450W unit for any single GPU system.

Okay thanks for the advice, really helps, i must have specked out something wrong on pcpartpicker to make me think i needed more than i did...anyway what do you think of the systems apart from the overkill PSU?

This is plenty for your needs. The 780 is geared towards surround gaming, or 1440p. At 1080p, there's absolutely no reason to SLI this card. Add a larger PSU, probably 750W, if you do wish to continue with that motion.

The heatsink I included is just as good as the H100i. It costs a lot less. You have to appreciate that Haswell doesn't overclock well at the best of times. So, if you're unlucky in the silicon lottery, you don't want to overspend on the heatsink.

Gave you 16GB of RAM with a low CAS latency. Can't see why you would need 32GB.

Better motherboard.

More reliable storage.

Cheap optical drive. It really doesn't matter which.

You could swap the i7 for a cheaper i5. It really depends how much "editing" you do.

I'd get 8GB sticks of memory so if he wants, he can add up to 16GB more if need be.

Okay thanks again guys, i messed up a lot of choices with my current build and i do not want to make the same mistakes.


I did think that. But with UK PCpartpicker there isn't a good availability of low CAS, low profile RAM.

We all mess up. I wanted to SLI 780s, wanted to do water cooling. Haven't bothered with any of that. My power supply is too large, and it is the wrong colour. HATE it.

So don't take it personally.

Edit: Not saying you've made a mistake. Usually, in hindsight, none of us are 100% with our builds.

Why waste so much money on overkill/unnecessary components?

If I were you I'd just wait till AMD decides it's time to release the R9 290X and get that. No doubt it'll be a beast. Probably not much more expensive either.