New build, already looking to upgrade

Started off at about a 450 - 500 dollar price point, then randomly got 500 about 2 weeks later after finishing the build a first time. Posted the finished build on r/buildapc just because I was excited about my first rig I built myself. Turns out according to them I'm a dumbass. So I guess I'm looking to grab a new CPU and possibly PSU, if anyone has some suggestions for the cheapest CPU that wont bottleneck my SLI setup and a good 700w+ psu it'd be much appreciated.


Here is the list of parts, please don't flame too hard. 

PCPartPicker part list:

Honestly, I think you could have done a little more homework. But, for a first build, this is fit for gaming. It isn't the best, but it works.

I don't think it is worth spending more money trying to "fix" this. At the end of the day, this PC is functional. I think you should keep it for a while and then when it is time to build your next PC, take a little more time.

Just to add to my last post. Be proud that you have PC you built yourself. Welcome to PC gaming

You can always build another PC and stick that other 650ti in it and LAN party with a friend. You can even help him build it and give him a good deal on the GPU. Thats what I would do.

Well, I wouldn't spend much on top of what you've got. Remember, you're basically burning money by getting rid of any items because PC parts depreciate immediately out of the box.

The 965 Black is pretty good for a Processor. You won't gain tonnes (metric) of performance by upgrading your CPU, but the motherboard needs to go if you want to overclock. The 4+1 power phase design is a little.... weak.

Also, initially, I would have spent the $350 on a 7970 rather than dual 650ti's. SLI and Crossfire causes loads of issues on quite a few games. Sell 'em and get a 7970.

Lastly, dump the power supply and get a good one with a single 12v rail that won't ruin your system.

he good thing is, you can make SOME of your money back by selling this stuff.... just not a lot of it...

See revisions here. This is provided you make back around $150-$200 of your money, which should be acheivable. 


Honestly though, I agree with the guys abouve me. I'm just showing what you could do if you decided to go all out. You're best off waiting for the next generation of GPU's before upgrading again. 

Nothing wrong with that, Liferescripted. But, I think anyone here would agree that this kid can run games better than some people with a $400 APU build. He should just be happy. People get buyers remorse all the time.

Like my pals said, you've got a very capable rig. Keep them extra bucks and put it down for your next build. Now that you're a part of the pc community, you'll hopefully get more knowledgable about the hardware and build yourself an even more powerful rig down the line.


Get an SSD. No regrets.

Crucial M4, Kingston HyperX 3k, Intel 520, ADATA XPG SX900.... There's an upgrade that won't be a complete waste of cash. 

i didnt ;) i got two 7950's for 350 bucks pretty good deal. i think the guy needed drug money ;D jk jk lol

Well, the only reason I grabbed the 650ti boost was because it was in my price range at the time (before getting the extra cash) and also becaause I was told Nvidia was the better option for design/video editing.

Damn, I'd hope it was doing much better than a 400 dollar build. =/

It is running better than a $400 build, dude. I'm saying, you have a better rig than a lot of people out there. I sold a Phenom to a guy not 3 months ago. He is probably going to be rocking that thing for another two years. You should keep this system for a couple of years, then upgrade :)

So, the general concensus is to wait until next gen GPUs and that my CPU is ok for my setup?

Also, I am actually a bit worried about the PSU after hearing what Lifescripted had to say. I may upgrade that one sooner rather than later.

Ah haha, just misunderstood I guess. Just got a little buyers remorse after reddit called me a dumbass about 12 times is all.

PSUs are always a point of weakness. It does pay to have a good one. Thing is, the PSU you have should last you a little while. These things take time before they degrade. It is up to you when you upgrade. But, things aren't as bad as you might think.

You could actually keep some parts and bring this system up to current gen. Your mobo isn't the best, but it is socket AM3+. You could put an 8350 in there at a later time. The next generation of AMD CPUs will fit AM3+. Though, if you get enough cash together, you will have a better system next time. Just research it better. I've taken several months to design my own lol. It happens.