New build, advice please

It’s been a long time since i build a pc.
so to be sure i’d like to let you guys gaze over my decisions.
I-am going to re-use my RX580-8G, CPU cooler and Be-Quiet psu.

The ram will be 32GB, the pc is going to be used for content creation.

Any advice is welcome!
I wonder if the MB is okay for the next generation Ryzen and if the RAM is good for the 3700X
Why 3700X? bang for buck.

It’s going to replace my 4670 (non-k) with 16GB 1600mhz

Well the support page for that motherboard says that for the latest BIOS:

  • Updated AMD AGESA ComboAm4v2PI
  • Optimized and support AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors.
  • Optimized Resizable BAR (Re-Size BAR) function with NVidia Graphics cards.
  • Improved AM4 processor compatibility

So it should be good for the 5000 series.

I would not expect support for the Zen-4 CPUs (6700X ?). AMD might produce an AM4 version but the smart money is on requiring a new socket.

As you know, you aren’t going to get PCIe-4 on that board, but you probably don’t need it.

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I would go for a B550 board over that B450 - much better VRMs + PCIe gen 4 are really nice-to-haves. Otherwise solid build.

As for going Zen 3, the 5800X is pretty much a sidegrade from the 3700X, so that means 5900X or 5950X is the way to go. Those CPUs require beefy VRMs, so another point in favor of B550.

That said, that B450 will be awesome enough for the 3700X and if 3700X got you covered for the next three years, I think it’s better to upgrade to the Zen 4 / AM5 platform directly. If AM5 is around for as long as AM4, the first gen boards with a cheaper CPU to start with will get you started on the platform, then every other year just alternate between upgrading CPU / Motherboard e.g. AM4 cycle:

Year 1: RAM, Ryzen gen 1, B350
Year 2: Ryzen gen 1+, B350
Year 3: Ryzen gen 1+, B450
Year 4: Ryzen gen 3, B450
Year 5: Ryzen gen 3, B550
Year 6: Move to AM5 platform, rinse, repeat.

Your choice of course! :slight_smile:

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That’s good news!
I don’t expect zen-4 either but i need a new pc and the new generation will be to expensive anyway.

Last thing i know is that GPU’s can’t even saturate PCIe-3

What board would you recommend for around the same price?

The problem is that i need a beefy pc now, and unless the next generation will be released next month i can’t wait.
Keep in mind i’ll be moving from a platform created in 2013.

Zen4 will use DDR5 on a new socket.
I haven’t heard much in rumours if there will be a Zen3 refresh before releasing Zen4.

At the same price, there are no good B550 boards, but for €50-€100 more, there are a couple. This all depends on what your plans are for the future.

Either you buy an interim CPU - in which case I’d step down to a 3600 and invest more in a beefier motherboard, and then in a year or two buy a 5900X or 5950X. The Aorus B550M Pro MATX board should do the trick, but something like the Aorus B550 Pro AC is probably more worth it.

Or, you can buy what you have described, which is good enough for the 3700X but I wouldn’t put anything stronger than that. Do note the 3700X / B450 combo is good enough to last you at least to 2025, though I would upgrade to mid-tier graphics in 2023 (e.g. around Radeon RX 8600 XT or a GeForce RTX 5060).

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Please don’t use that case, it’s pretty bad for the cost. (I assemble has a part time job)
Find something with nice open mesh front.

i used to have a small business in building computers.
And like the case because of the quieteness.
Cable management does not neet to be a work of art since it’s closed off.
It just sucks that the 330R is not sold anymore.

Good advice, maybe i should spent a little extra on the b550.
However it’s a hard choice if you consider the socket lifetime.
I do think i’ll regret taking the 3600.

Gpu’s are damm expensive

If you have enough budget to invest in B550 and the 3700X, that’s probably the best combo right now for hedging bets - for €80 more you pretty much guarantee the motherboard will work like a charm for a 5900X, and you also guarantee compatibility with an eventual Zen 3+ chip. It wouldn’t surprise me if AMD releases a Zen 3+ on AM4 alongside Zen 4, or a 1-2 combo, but time will tell.

I only suggested the 3600 as a tradeoff - slightly less beefy CPU (but still very respectable. especially for gaming) vs a better motherboard, for the same money essentially. :slight_smile:

I’d go for a B550 board instead of a B450 - PCIE4 and (maybe) compatibility with future CPUs.

Would also swap that case out for something with better airflow like the BeQuiet Pure Base 500DX which is like $50 more but has tons more airflow. Other than that the build is fine. The SSD is awesome for the price, the RAM is decent and the CPU is great value for money.

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