New Budget Build

Hello Everyone,


I just wanted some feedback on this build that I'm putting together. This is my first build in about 10 years. I originally wanted to use an FX 8350 but needed to make some cuts. I do wish to upgrade to a piledriver or steamroller chip when the need arises. I wanted to keep my budget as close to $600 as possible because I still need an OS and monitor. This build will be used primarily for gaming, and a large majority of the games I play are a few years old at this point (WoW,SC2,Fallout 3, ect). I'm looking to play games on only a single monitor at 1080p, no CF/SLI. I'm trying to get a solid 50-60 fps with the best possible settings within this builds potential. One last note, I do plan to overclock the cpu, doing research on all of that right now.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Well it's a good pc but is 700w really needed? and also are you really not going to go with a more future proof cpu like intel LGA1155 or AM3+ fx?

Thanks for the response. I personally don't like Intel. I can always drop down the power supply. I would go with an FX chip if it were in my budget at the moment, but it isn't.


Grab some lowprofile ram like this

Thay outperform Corsair Vengeance ram by a long way.

Those corsair sticks will get in the way of the heatsink (with massive heat spreaders)

Ive had both sets before i actually have a set in my rig at the moment

It's a solid build for what you need it to do. It'll give you more than enough performance till Steamroller comes out.

Thanks for the feedback cooperman and booniedog96 I appreciate it. Would you suggest keeping to power supply or getting a lower wattage one?

see if you can get a 600w thats modular but 700w is fine as you may add things in the future haveing that little extra power dosent hurt

600w would be good enough but if you can, squeeze in enough to get a 700w - 800w PSU in case you ever get the itch to go dual GPU. And don't choose anything less than an 80+ Bronze.

Thanks again!