New brothers in arms

Anyone played it and is it worth my bandwidth?

Lol, i almost got it for pc but i was downloading at like 20kbps because no one seeds..

but i played it on my friends 360. It's decent. You can't go rambo and just shoot the enemy, you have to do co-op crap. If you try to just kill them yourself the AI kills you right away.

And when you do your team is all like "Sir, why aren't we flanking?!"

but hey it looks great and has some decent gameplay. Great storyline but the acting was HORRIBLE.

Great game(pc version).Very interesting story and good gameplay.


It looks okay, but the rain looks like God beating off on the world. Hey wait, this game's about WW2, that's historically accurate. You know how hard he gets for complete slaughter.

fucking lulz

I just finished downloading it along with the A7X discography.

Gonna give a review up in a few days or so, depending on the weather.

I'm on part 19 of 32..

Rapidshit is going faster than any of the piece of shit torrents. No one seeds..


i am going to do direct 2 drive on this game to lazy to go to best buy

im not even interested in this since farcry 2 is out in a few days.

i might try it once im done with dead space, far cry2, fallout 3, and fable 2.. that is unless left4dead becomes an addiction.

got bored so i made one

ive beaten it it was good the ending was very anti climatic but it said to be continued so

the game wasnt very long either

lol ridicule, you probably played on casual.

the game is fucking long.