New bands

I'm looking for some new bands to get into....

Here's a list of a few bands i listen to...
Avenged Sevenfold
Dream Theater
Foo Fighters
Iron Maiden
Liquid Tension Experiment
Pink Floyd
Stone Sour
Symphony X
The Winery Dogs

Kyuss, Sleep, Electric Wizard, The Sword

Danko Jones (Canadian Rock)
Queens of the Stone Age (Alternative/Stoner Rock)
Rammstein (Neue Deutsche Härte)
Lamb of God (Metal)
Hot Action Cop (Alternative Rock/Funk Metal)
Diablo Swing Orchestra (Anvantgarde Metal)
The Horrorpops (Psychobilly)
Hollywood Undead (Rap Rock/Rap Metal)
Five Finger Death Punch (Metal; the first two albums are better imo)
Volbeat (Rockabilly Metal)
Buckethead (Guitar virtuoso)

Kind of a broad range of musicial genres in your list, but based on the prog influences, here's some bands you might like that weren't listed. Once you dive into prog, you'll find that everyone is connected . . .

James LaBrie - from Dream Theater, with Marco Sfogli on guitar and sometimes Mike Mangini (now from Dream Theater) on drums

Planet X - with Derek Sherinian who used to be in Dream Theater before Jordan Rudess

Devil's Slingshot - side project between members of Planet X and Billy Sheehan (from Winery Dogs)

Derek Sherinian - solo works with folks from Planet X, including Brett Garsed

Tony Macalpine - original guitarist from Planet X (sometime subbed out for Brett Garsed)

Blotted Science - with drummer Charlie Zeleny who's played with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater/LTE

Ron Jarzombek - guitarist from Blotted Science, Spastik Ink

Spastik Ink - another band with Ron Jarzombek

Art Metal - side project album from some awesome musicians, including Mattias Eklundh

Heathen - good old bay area thrash with some more proggy elements