New ASUS RoG Z97 only in certain markets?

Hey guys. For the past couple of days I've been thinking of upgrading my motherboard and I stumbled across the upcoming ASUS RoG Ranger and I thought, "Wow! A RoG board thats a kick down from the hero. Maybe I can save a few bucks!" But low and behold i was shot down from their FB page and they replied saying that the Ranger wont be available in North America. I've been HUNTING the net scouring every source I can find with no information to back that up. If it is true, why? That doesnt make sense to me to limit a motherboard to one continent or the other? Any and all info will help thanks guys

I hope they lift that, I really fucking want the Ranger...

Yea i know man mid range rog get the Hero but i dont have a need for 8 damn sata ports