New ASUS GTX 960 STRIX white lines?

While testing out what my new graphics card could do today my screen turned to a nasty shade of brown, audio was playing, but I couldn't see a thing so I rebooted my computer. Upon starting it up I was greeted by something like this: white lines

Windows won't even boot for me though. I've read baking is an option or should I just send it back to Amazon?

Is everything seated correctly? The card, power cable(s), and video cables?

If so I'd just return it or RMA it. No sense in baking a card and possibly completely ruining it unless it's out of warranty.

EDIT: Maybe try booting into a Linux distro off a flash drive? If it'll boot up into Linux that means something is wrong with Windows. If Linux doesn't work that means it's probably a hardware problem.

I did try Fedora, still got the white lines. Thankfully Amazon is great with RMA's. Thanks for your help.