New and need help

So my budget is about 750$ not including a monitor brand new to pc world I think I got a solid build tell me what u think so that I can tweak it plz help make pc gaming a good experience for me

thanks guys :)

Just incase u guys are wondering I like games like skyrim and gta VERY INTERESTED In H1Z1 ARMA Garry's mod and half life and many more I like open world RPG games alot and shooters come 2nd but I HATE COD twins and not a fan of battlefield anymore either

Dropping to an FX 6300 for the CPU and going up to am R9 280X for the GPU will give you quite an improvement in games. I also added a better motherboard. The total cost is Other than that though the build is pretty decent.

I also suggest getting a Windows key from this thread: Much cheaper than buying it retail. If you do get a key from him I'd put the money saved towards and SSD like an OCZ ARC 100 or Crucial MX100.

That leaves money for the Windows key on the forum, and I would highly recommend splurging on a 120GB Crucial MX100 ($62)...

Much rather have that i5 than the FX 6300, and the R9 290 is like $6 more than the 280X...