New and Hello

I didn’t know exactly where to post this or what exactly to say.

I am a L1T Patreon supporter.


Hi, welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! Nice to make your acquaintance.


Hello and Welcome!



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Hey Welcome!

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Yo… Run while you can… Some dudes here bite… Have you seen one of the chicks? She is planning on splitting her tongue… Really… Run while you still can…

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Community is the appropriate place, so I went ahead and moved it for you.

Also, welcome.

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Thank you,
I don’t have much to add to the community right now, other than my moral support. (Some say I do good at scaring people in dark alleys!)

I have a couple of projects I have wanted to do. I just finished building my first PC since 20+ years ago. Its nothing fancy but it was and is a fun project for a reintroduction to PC’s.

Next project:
Home surveillance system. I have a couple of older PC’s I might could use and convert to Linux. I want to use monochromatic cameras, wired and battery back-up.

Battery Back-up:
I just realized my power cuts off everyday. Never really noticed this until I built the PC.

I don’t know what part of Kentucky LeveloneTechs is in but I have visited the Owensboro area a couple of times and have some good friends in the area. I have visited Mammoth Caves and done the longest tours they offer! (had a blast) One day I want to do the Whisky Trail.


I’m just looking for a place that I won’t scare people!

Yes, I wear an eye patch! I am 6’-5" tall, walk with a limp, wear my heart on my sleeve and try to mean what I say. I’m also horrible at remembering names!
My father died in 2012 and he knew a lot about Linux.

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We aren’t easily scareable…

Welcome to the asylum…


Hello and Welcome. Stay away from @FaunCB. He will try and bring you to the dark side with PPC and all of these arcane architectures.



hello and welcome
you don’t need a ton of cash to fit in here
and if your eating you dont even have to use caps

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