New AMD Workstation Build / Use Case Problems

Hi all I am professional trader I want to Build a new Threadripper workstation ? for these multiple uses. present machine doesn’t work for this.
Cannot figure out parts to meet my needs. Here are the Needs and specs ideas I think i may need thank you for your input & Help !!!

  1. windows 10 pro or server 2019
  2. Use VM’s 3 Mac OS , 3 Win 10 Pro - Trading , 1 Manjaro
    3.Full Remote access, Travel alot iKVM remote access
  3. 2-2TB NVMe Boot & Backup Drives on Motherboard
    5.Host Remote File Access / Behind single page for work access

AMD Treadripper
2-Hyper M.2 X16 cards
1- 5 slot M.2 B-key SSD Card
2- 2TB drives & Backup on Motherboard
1 AMD RX 6700 xt Top Slot

I have a similar build running on an Asus
Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI. It was decent while it worked but I’ve had many problems with it and so have other members of the community so I actually suggest trying the Gigabyte WRX80-SU8

Either one should check all the boxes.

Or you could opt for a TRX40 or something even cheaper and use some kind of KVM/VNC in lieu of the native iKVM support.

I will go for that one. Perfect thanks !!!

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