New AMD GPUs coming? Arctic Islands 16nm

All taken from the article and likely wrong on many counts so salt is advised with the intake of information.

  • Due for release in 2016
  • Arctic Islands
  • 16mn Process
  • Greenland (enthusiast), Baffin and Ellesmere
  • Second Gen HBM
  • Up to 32GB of memory capable? but the GPU will be 8 or 16GB

It is believed that AMD has already taped-out its “Greenland” graphics processing unit and is about to get the first silicon in the coming weeks.


source stressed that both GPUs are brand-new and will be designed from scratch.

But some how I doubt they will be 100% new, maybe die shrinks of the 300 series. This is referring to the Baffin and Ellesmere from what I gahter.

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Meh. Not enough info to get excited about. Just some names and a couple buzzwords.

Pretty much but it is a start. I imagine more and more and mire will come along now and this can be the jumping off point here.

from my understanding i thought they were all supposed to be die shrinks of all the current GPUs?

Could be it is super early with the release being 2016 and it is only September. But they are saying that the Greenland could be a new and shiny.

“Greenland” will be AMD’s first graphics processing unit based on the all-new micro-architecture, which development began a little more than two years ago. While the architecture is currently known as another iteration of GCN, the new ISA [instruction set architecture] will be so considerably different compared to the existing GCN that it has every right to be called “post-GCN”

Should still be GCN based as GCN was supposed to be able to be extended and all of that noise. Basically, AMD has been planning on sticking with GCN based stuff for a good long while.

Just like they stuck to TeraScale for 5 years. The difference is that TeraScale was a bit broken to begin with and AMD had to fix it while they worked on designing GCN. GCN is built to expand like you said, which should keep it relevant down the line.

If this is early to mid 2016, that seems too early considering how late the R9 300 series and Fury cards have been. I could see an October release, although considering how delayed Fury has been and how limited the supply has been, I think them achieving an October release might not be achievable unless AMD does get bought out and bankrolled.

They could also have already transitioned to the new node and are in manufacturing stages. The lack of Fury/Fury X could be attributed to reduced production at 28nm. Seeing as it's common practice to be making chips 12-18 months in advance to release, this isn't too far fetched.

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It has always been my guess that it is the next round of gpus from amd that are what is really meant to blow minds. HBM will be viable (keep hearing 32gb), new node will be ready (been stuck on 28nm for a while now) and DX12 will be up and running (and I have long attributed DX12's timing to AMD's strong arm tactics with game devs, threatening Microsoft by offering viable alternatives to DX11).

That is more or less what I am figuring now. The Fury was a Proof Of Concept dry run, the line will be pretty short lived and will be quickly superseded by what comes next and Gen 2.

Pretty on-spot. They needed Fury to show that they weren't blowing smoke. Now we know it's serious, and the next lineup should be set to take better advantage of what they showcased. I hope the hot-chips for HBM2 are showing faster progress than HBM1, they might even get more than the 30k or so starting inventory in the first year.

well AMD should be fast since they kinda fubared with the whole Fury thing. It's not that great balanced of a card. Still likes the juice and lacking any DX12 content couldn't even show if it's a good dx12 card which is everything AMD is gambling on. The only thing that Fury gave us is HBM and going with big die concept again.

The fact that AMD keeps losing territory despite having the console deals is all the more worry for AMD to come up with something good and fast.

Nevermind older than dirt.

What is interesting about Fiji is that it doesn't seem to be memory bottle necked in terms of throughput, but bottle necked in terms of memory latency.

When overclocked to 1400 on the core, and to 1000mhz on the HBM whilst on LN2 it showed a 70-80%! increase in performance.

Running HBM at 1000mhz effectively cuts latency in half, and I really think that's when Fiji shines.
HBM1 is just really sloppy in terms of timings which explains why we don't see a 1:1 increase in performance compared to core clock when overclocking it.
You can go from 1000mhz core to 1100mhz and only gain 5%.

So I really think Arctic island chips with HBM2 are going to increase performance over 100% next year compared to what each vendor offers today.

You do know the new nVidia stuff, Pascal, is supposed to be using HBM gen 2. HBM is not some AMD proprietary thing. It is made by Hynix it is not tied to some one GPU maker. So it is not dead at all or some concept that way.

And @freaksmacker if you are referring to the news maybe but 16nm is new, there is now current GPU on it so that is new. Means potentially new GPU as they are redoing the die anyway so may this is all new. And they said it has been in development for two years now so that is interesting.

where do i pre-order?

i have allready heard about the Greenland rumors before.
But im not sure if they are going to launch them that quickly after the Fury.
Unless the Greenlands are still based on the Fiji chip, with HBM 2.0.

Yeah this is way early. I expect something like this to come out around this year if not closer to the end of next year.

I was going to say something. Then i realized how old it was and may not be accurate. Amd has been doing some work with the Department of Energy. I will leave it at that.

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