New AMD FX Kaveri APU's

So I'd just like to get everyones thoughts on the new Kaveri APU's we've seen at computex. I just took a look at the FX-7600P and i just think its great that AMD are finding other ways to actually compete with intel because as we all know the best processors on the market right now come from intel But... what i really want to see is how far they can go with this new architecture without compromising on power/cost. I want to see an all out fx apu coming from amd without it being something like an fx 9590 which was just an 8350 with an extremely high TDP and base clock. I just thought it would be nice to here everyone elses views on amds new take on consumer grade processors and what we can look forward to in the future :)

The stuff they released should not be fx branded in my opinion. It's all laptop grade stuff. Nothing desktop... All quad cores Cpu's (and a dual core) with varying Gpu core counts. Low tdp's meant for laptop use and thats it. I'm happy they're trying to go mobile, but I want a stronger desktop chip. 

I agree, it should not have the FX name because its not a true FX style processor. Now that being said, these should turn out to be good mobile processors for budget laptops, but I don't see much more coming out of it except for the next generation of Athlon APUs with hopefully more PCI-E lanes.

Yeah i see where your coming from and thats exactly what I want too. A desktop chip that i can compare to a i7 4770k not just in multi threaded tasks but with everything 

Also the one Pcie 3.0 16x slot on these is no where near enthusiast. Its fine for the mobile market but no where near enough for a desktop.  

That's why I said I'm hoping they might throw in more for an AM1 release, cause with more PCI-E lanes it could be a great value for entry level gaming since the AM1 processors are so low price

I dont understand why this is a "bad idea" to bring FX to new markets.The FX Brand is a stamp of high performance, and in its past few iterations, at bargain prices. Saying AMD shouldnt use the FX brand in laptops is like saying Intel shouldn't use the i7 brand in laptops because the two are incompatible. But thats not the case, and both companies are smart to use their branding across form factors. It helps consumers, most people can instead of researching for hours on forums, just know that i7 is generally the fastest Intel offering, and the FX is in general the fastest AMD processor. 

We are talking about a relatively high performance quad core chip, turboing up to 3.6GHz.... and a powerful graphics core that can play most games at the native res of most 15" laptops. Compared to intel's comparable i7s, it should keep up just fine in games for a cheaper price to the OEM. It outperformed the i7-4500U in alot of tests in Anand's review, which is 2 cores/4threads turbo to 3.0GHz but carries a tray price of $393!

I think branding a laptop as an FX is a great idea--- AMD bringing gaming to mobile-- something that has been DOMINATED by Intel. How many ASUS ROG, Alienware or MSI Gaming laptops have you seen with an AMD processor lately? At least this give the OEMS the option to have mid-tier gaming machines from AMD ---Consumer AMD products are being marketing heavily for budget-conscious gamer... and we now have a the ability to buy a competitive product, at a lower price than the Intel offerings.

 Desktop is a srinking market fellas, so dont expect a huge focus for us from the cash-strapped company. Enthusiast-class CPU's like FX and socket 2011 Intel are going to slowly die. Expect to be disappointing if you are holding out for them to continue being produced forever. Like the OP, I would be interested in seeing a Kaveri pushed to its limits, and I do expect new FX's going forward will all be APU-based. I dont think AMD will keep an entire enthusiast platform much longer, instead I tihnk we will see an enthusiast class chipset with more IO than mainstream, and an FX apu for that chipset ( Think A88X vs A85 but future revisions)


interesting opinion. You said desktop is a shrinking market but at this point in time, PC Gaming and Desktops in general are sky rocketing in popularity and it is only going to keep rising as technology advances and components get cheaper as people will move from consoles to PC. At the same time though, I'm not one for going all out on my components for an amazingly powerful top spec pc and adore the idea of gaming on a pc at a price that amd's new apu's are offering. I can definitely see what you mean by things becoming more mobile but I have to say that Desktops are here to stay.... At least for now

Thats an interesting assertion many have made, about PC Gaming skyrocketing. I dont doubt that in general, but if one looks at the numbers---its hard to tell really if its "PC Gaming" that is increasing. On AMD's side, alot of its revenue and units shipped were from Bitcoin and Litecoin miners for a while last year, which caused a shortage of R9 290(x) parts for a while, and jacked up their price. I'm sure this helped nVidia move GTX 780 class and Titan class cards, because enthusiast buyers had no where else to go. I'm just saying, statistics may not tell the whole story. 

However,  you are right in the short term. Over the next year 4k is coming HARD, not to mention SUPER high bandwidth PCi-e SSDs. I expect that over the next few years things like Haswell-E and AM3+ are going to stick around for us enthusiasts

. But the focus of the market, on both the CPU and GPU side of things, is on efficiency and low power usage. On the GPU side, look at the GTX 750 TI, AMD's up coming Tonga-- both companies are releasing products IN THE MIDDLE, as opposed to working from the top down as they have done traditionally in the past.  Lets not forget the work AMD has done with Beema and Mullins, hopefully we will see AM1 ports soon... and Intel with the Atom C2750, an 8 core processor that keeps up with 4/8t core Xeons with 1/3 the TDP.

And lets not forget SteamBox's. If SteamOS and SteamBox's sell and are adopted, we are going to see alot more focus on high-performance with much more moderate TDP  than we have been seeing over the past few years, you just can't fit a 220Watt Amd 8-core or a 300+++ watt Dual GPU 295 in a box the size of a large text book you hook up to your television.

That being said, I dont think desktops are going to disapear, I just think they are going to shrink in terms of power, and therefore will gradually keep shrinking in size. Look at all the high perfromance mini-itx builds out there-- as the power envelopes drop-- and Intel, nVidia and AMD are pushing hard to drop it--- they will become more common because of the practicality, without sacrificing performance. The market is moving to parts that are smaller, quieter and more energy efficient. And i think because of this focus, enthusiast class baords are going to slowly dissapear. Hell, even servers are going low power--- look at the Atom I cited before--- or the AMD Skybridge project.

Its disapointing, I believe core count on the IGP is much lower than the desktop counterparts, 8 instead of 12. But it is a notebook chip, and I suppose they wanted to keep costs, heat and power consumption down, probably why it took so long to make, but it would have been nice to see one that is less cut-back.

I think APUs strong APUs are the way to go in laptops.

You are incorrect. the FX-7600P has the same number of GPU cores (512) as the A10-7850K. It is running SLIGHTLY slower tho, 686 MHz vs 720 MHz. 

I'm not sure what you are talking about "cut back" the FX is full Kaveri, its just clocked down to fit in the 35 watt tdp. 

Ah you are right, in that case these should run pretty well.

After this we should expect the FX brand to move to FM2+ (maybe Excavator) and complete trashing of AM3+.

Ehh I don't think so. AMD said they are building an entire brand new architecture that will arrive sometime in 2016 and will have performance and enthusiast features in mind. It will most likely come with a new socket, especially because by that time DDR4 will be here.

AM3+ is done no doubt. We won't be seeing any more FX CPUs on that platform the new FX will most likely be on AM4.

Branding the Kaveri "FX" doesn't mean anything or is in any way related to what the future holds for desktop FX. They just know that FX name usually correlates with a high quality and high performance part. The Ax series screams budget and they want to move the platform away from that image. It is just a marketing strategy. Nothing more.

Yes, what I think is that they may not be branding future higher-end FM2+ chips under A10. Unless, nothing really relevant comes out before AM4 emerges with renewed power carrying the FX brand for desktop products.

I know that I don't trust toms hardware on its benchmarks, those guys are on something....... most likely money.... ya lets compare mobile apu to a intel i7 and not a i5 or i3, any other amd laptop apus..... 

to be fair to intel even though it is a lot more expensive than the FX 7600p, the proccessor in the benchmarks is not particularly geared towards gaming and extreme high end performance but in shear processing power ( CPU Power ) it is probably more powerful

but the i5 or i3 are going to perform the same when it comes to gaming... and compete in the same price bracket.... so why an i7???

Yeah I have seen them pull all sorts of shenangians like that, the other one they used to do was run benchmarks at shitty resoloutions that no one would use to make intel processors look better and generate sales, even though it would be irrational to game at those resoloutions with decent stuff, and at that FPS it doesn't matter because the monitor will not output at that frequency..... It's like WTF 780TI at 1280x1024, over 9000FPS lol.....

I like Anandtech, Guru3d, hardware cannucks, those sites are a bit better than sites like PC world, forbes, and tomshardware. Toms hardware was also doom-mongering regarding the R9-290(x), then it turned out that there was a bios issue causing throtteling on some cards.

Yeah I tend to stick to Anandtech for benchmarks as they always deliver with what I want to find out. Its a bit irritating when someone try's to argue with you about benchmarks then they link you to some sketchy site showing something like Valley but at 480p. That tends to be the point at which i just sit down in a corner and cry for the souls of those people.