New AMD Build for Gaming/Streaming

Does it seem alright?

My budget is $1300 but is flexible.

Am I missing anything? Will it fit in the case? Any areas I could cut some costs? Any areas to improve?

2 things - replace that PSU with a Lepa G 650, and replace that thermal paste with Promilatech PK 1. Fractal PSUs are not the greatest, and having a fully modular one will be nice for a general easier cable management job. Promilatech PK 1 is the best thermal paste, as well - drops the temps a few C from AS5.

The build is nice. I would do things a bit different, but most of it is preference on my part. I'm not sure you will need that many fans (I only need/use 2 to 3) but that is up to you.

ah there is more...

With such a budget, why don't you buy a blue ray drive, (it's worth it, I regret it), and by straight a noctua? (maybe size? I don't know). And get a higher psu. XFX pro 850 watt, or higher. (xfx seems to have good pricing) If you are tight on a budget, cut maybe on 2 of the fans. And I assume you already have harddrives, or? (if not, and your budget is tight tight tight, pirate Windows, but pssssst.........)



chance the motherboard to the Sabbertooth ☺

You can save a bit of money on your graphics card by getting a 7870 xt instead. It has like 99-90% of the 7950s power but is much cheaper. (In case your wondering its cos they use a cut down version of the 79xx series gpu)

yes that could be an good idea, but a 7950 still has more stream processors then a 7870XT, so that would still result in a much better performing card. 1536 vs 1792  stream processors.