New AM1 rig for streaming rig

hey guys i was wondering if you guys think the new AMD athlon 5350 is strong enough for a steam in home streaming or limelight at 720p or 1080p. unless you guys have a better build for $150 (all i need is the cpu, gpu, and an mini itx motherboard).




Thanks for any help

The athlon should do fine, I really like both those motherboards, I'm leaning more towards the Asrock simply because it has a fuller feature set but that Asus board looks good too

Are these apu's overclock-able? can i overclock the ram? if so that would be really cool

The APUs themselves aren't overclockable, its by the nature of their design. The RAM however might be, specs say that it only supports 1600 but you never know. Even if it can't overclock its still a very capable chip especially for having a 25W TDP for ~$60

Here is little review, that should give you an idea of the performance:

i don't believe so, and at these low powers i wouldn't expect amd to release a black edition

but you could overclock the ram

A COM port on the Asus? I have not seen one of those on a standard motherboard in years. I wonder what the thinking is in including it? Also I really like the 19v DC in on the Asrock motherboard I wonder what you could run off it with just that power, with the onboard iGPU this would make a nice low power TV media box.

Yea the Asrock board is better in my option. i like how the board will supply power to a sata hard drive from the dc power. it seems like a cool build thats decently powerful and cheep.

Is running a low to mid range gpu possible on this platform? like an r7 250 / GTX  750 ti?


128 GCN cores, not great but not horrible either.

I have not done the research but if the mobo has a 16x slot there is no reason you couldn't run a R9 295X2 if you wanted to, it'd be retarded, but you could.

I personally just got a EVGA GTX750Ti FTW a week ago, on ultra it plays BF4 at 45-ish FPS, and on this platform I think that card would be perfect and just get This PSU and you'd be rollin' in price/performence.

Really? even though its  PCI Express 2.0 x16 Slot (PCIE1 @ x4 mode). I thought it would half to be like at least an x8 min without massive performance loss. im only really conserned because i stuck a GTX 660 in a pentum 4 ht 3.06GHz awhile ago and it dident even git 20 fps on leauge of legends at very low, medium, or high and the cpu was not maxing out from what i remember i thinks it was pcie gen 1 16x.  

Okay, so to my knowledge (I am not positive on this one, Tek community, help us out) Any GPU should work in the 4x slot just fine with very minor performance loss. About you adventures in the past from what I know, LoL is a VERY CPU heavy not GPU.

I hope this helps.

Only low end GPUs will work in x4 no loss, mid and high range will be severely gimped on an x4 lane

Think 750 Ti would be?

I honestly can't say, I am curious about this now,

This is $150 and will give you the power you need.

Possibly Wendell knows. Deus Wendell!!! We require you

i found this

Love the link, Good read. So yeah, I'm not seeing 2GB/Sec being a problem. :P

Happy troopin' with a 750TiFTW :D